Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 episode 15 video: Operation Deena

Jersey Shore Family VacationWhat is coming up on Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 episode 15 on MTV tomorrow night? Let’s just say that, at the center of this one, is a very important mission: Secure Deena and bring her back to the group.

The sneak peek below is almost entirely about the operation to get Deena, and it shows some of the great editing that the series can at times do when it comes to giving everyone corny little segments with fun, Mission: Impossible sort of nicknames. One of the best ones here is seeing Pauly brag about his stealth, only for it to be revealed that he is possibly the least-stealthy person ever. This is a guy who runs around yelling ‘Wake Up, Yeah!” like it is some sort of compulsion. Is he really going to be able to stay quiet?

Of course, there is also wedged into this preview another reminder that Ronnie isn’t doing great, not that this should be much of a shock. His entire life seems to be a constant up-and-down roller coaster, and he is the one person who constantly seems on the verge of disarray at all times. He’s still dealing with a lot, and we’re not sure that this will be resolved at all this season.

Yet, we are also still facing a possibility that this could be the last season of this show for a long time and we hope that there’s some element of happiness here for everyone in the end. Remember that Snooki is pregnant, Deena is preparing to be a new mom, Jenni is going through some tough stuff in her personal life, and The Situation is going to prison next year. It’s going to be hard to see really any of them back together again in a large group for a while — we do hope that there is another opportunity for some fun here with some of these people, but it may take a different format or some sort of modification from the traditional Jersey Shore that we’ve come to see over time. We know that some of the last spin-offs didn’t work (remember The Pauly D Project?), but maybe there could be some other venues for many of these people moving forward.

For now, let’s just enjoy some of the antics while we still can. We don’t think that Part 2 is anywhere close to the season that we got the first time around in Miami, but we definitely do think that this does still have its merits and there is a pretty good amount of fun content here from top to bottom.

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