Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 11 review: David vs. David

David vs. Goliath

As we enter Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 11, there was a majority of Davids for the first time in the game. It was a really interesting situation since we got to see what happens when the David tribe was in power — and it was certainly interesting to behold.

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For Carl, it was clear that he was loving the new-found power that he had. That’s why, following his team’s reward challenging win, he got drunk and started spilling all sorts of sea, including to Kara, as to why he wanted to get rid of Alison. Why do that? You don’t need to do that? It was a bizarre move, but this was a bizarre episode for the new-found Godfather in Carl. He was so sure that he had everyone figured out in the game that he didn’t really think about the idea of an epic blindside.

Here’s where things stood entering Tribal Council — Christian and Gabby were ready to make a move against Carl, and had the support of both Kara and Alison in the process. Meanwhile, Carl, Davie, Nick, and Angelina were all together on the other side … which left Mike White in the middle. He had the power to really influence who stayed and who went and this was really all about him. Given that Davie won immunity, that was taken out of the equation. Also, nobody seemed ready to use an idol in order to spare Carl or Alison’s life in the game at the moment.

For Gabby, all of this set up why she is such a significant threat in the game — she is smart, capable, and influential. But, that doesn’t mean that she would get what she wanted. We do actually think that it’s smarter to keep Carl because he’s not someone who could be beaten at the end and he’s somewhat of a figurehead leader.

The latest Tribal Council

This one was fascinating because there wasn’t really all that much campaigning that really needed to happen. Instead, they could have actually just all bowed to the altar of Mike in order to ensure that he was with them. (Yet, we did like the Friday Night Lights reference that Angelina passed along with “clear eyes, full hearts.”)

When we got to the moment that the votes were going to be cast, it was actually not all that clear as to what in the world was going to happen. Mike held his cards close, and we really wish that we knew precisely when he made his decision. It was either going to be a fairly predictable vote, or a blindside. The one reason for Mike to get rid of Carl is that it’s a move that he can really claim.

In the end, Mike did get rid of Carl, which we do think was a good move for Mike to try to get to the end and have an argument. Sure, he does have a bigger threat left now, but really, getting to the end is the first order of business.

CarterMatt Verdict

A pretty good blindside! We like that Carl was a good sport about the blindside and that this episode did pay off on this interesting, two-part story of Carl that we had. We don’t think that he was necessarily a perfect player, but he did have control and his exit represents something simple: A shifting of the theme. It’s no longer about Davids and Goliaths.

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