Gotham season 5 teaser: Is Man Bat appearing?

GothamAs we get closer to Gotham season 5 premiering, there are of course many questions worth wondering … including the latest on Man Bat. This is a villain first hinted at in the season 4 finale, and we do think that the new teaser below serves a rather-similar purpose in setting this character up.

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Technically, the latest season 5 teaser may not actually be about Man Bat at all — instead, all you have here is some sort of mysterious character lurking around in the shadows. It’s at least enough to make you think that Man Bat could be showing up; after all, most of the teasers to date have hyped up comic-book villains in some shape or form. Take, for example, one of the teasers that gave us a good sense as to what’s happening with Scarecrow.

We’ll be honest here in saying that Man Bat is not one of the villains we actually expected to see on Gotham back when this series was first created, largely due to the fact that his origins were so strange and his appearance so different. In the early days, we also thought that Gotham was trying to be a little bit more of a realistic crime show without getting in as deep with some of the Batman comics’ more supernatural aspects. Yet, that has changed in between Solomon Grundy, everything that transpired in the Ra’s al Ghul storyline, Poison Ivy suddenly becoming older overnight, and also of course the campier side of Mr. Freeze. We do appreciate the show at times trying to explain its more bizarre plot twists with science (at least some of the time), but it does not live in a world where characters like Man Bat can actually exist.

The thing that we mostly just wonder at present is how in the world Gotham can actually tell as many stories with as many characters as they have in a final season of only twelve episodes. Are they really going to be able to resolve everything? It’s too early to tell but, at least for now, we’re reasonably optimistic at least about the effort that the entire creative team seems to be putting in to making this as strong of a final season as possible. The premiere is officially going to be coming your way this February.

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