Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 10 video: Two Tribal Councils ahead!

David vs. GoliathWhat lies ahead on Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 10? This may be one of the most important episodes of the season. After all, you’re getting two hours of gameplay in a single night!

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With these two hours, what we’re effectively going to see are two Tribal Councils, which means two potentially-shocking vote-offs and a lot of other interesting stuff in between. As we’re getting closer to the end of the game, that is an opportunity to really see how badly people want it. There are some contestants who often rise to the occasion and deliver a number of big surprises near the endgame; however, there are then also others who fold in and just aren’t able to continue dealing with both the game and the conditions.

At the moment, we’re the most confident in the gameplay of some of the people who’ve been the most flexible. That’s why Alec and Gabby are both interesting contenders given that they’ve got good relationships with both former David and Goliath tribe members. Alison is also someone we’d throw in there, and while we’d love to be confident in Christian, at the same time he’s such an obvious threat that it’s hard to see his path to the finish line. He does have an immunity idol for now, though, and that could buy him at least one more Tribal Council of safety pending that there is not some other nullifier that goes out into the game.

As for who are the most worried about, you have to think mostly in terms of people on the outside of multiple alliances, people like a Carl, a Kara, or an Angelina who don’t seem to have significant ties with a number of different players. If we were someone on the David or the Goliath tribe, it makes some sense at a potential 5-5 split to target people who don’t have as many close allies. Take, for example, someone like Carl; is Gabby going to go to rocks in order to save someone she doesn’t get along with? Meanwhile, are Alec and Alison going to be desperate to save Angelina given that she may be targeting them already? We don’t see a rock draw coming just because there may not be all that many people willing to move the game in that particular direction. We think that there are a lot of self-interested people out there who’ve just been sticking with their original tribes because that was the perceived best outcome for them. There’s no guarantee it stays that way.

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