911 season 2 fall finale: Are Bobby and Athena engaged?

911 season 2Mrs. Carter: Going into the 911 midseason finale airing on Fox Monday night, there was one question that I had over almost any other — were Bobby and Athena getting engaged?

In the preview for the midseason finale, you could see Bobby proposing to her — yet, there was no guarantee that she would say yes. As a matter of fact, there were many scenarios in which I could’ve imagined her saying no! In the end tonight Athena did end up saying yes and the two can start to plan a life together — which is awesome for many different reasons. For starters, it’s a nice reminder that there can be wonderful, loving relationships even after tragedy and immense heart break. We were really worried that Bobby wasn’t going to let himself move forward with her as both of them have struggled a bit with giving themselves permission to just be happy.

One of the only sticking points that came up during the episode revolved around whether or not he would be able to live with her. There was a rather significant fear that he had because of his past that he had with his late family, who all died in a fire that he blamed himself for. He didn’t want something like that to happen again, but over the episode he was able to start to move past that and realize that he can’t just let his entire past define his future. He loves Athena and doesn’t want to imagine his life without her.

As of right now, it’s fair to consider this one of the most romantic moments in 911 history — it’s certainly one that is worth remembering for some time coming up. (No matter what happens, at least we’ve all got the proposal … right?)

As for what else happened tonight…

In much sadder news, tonight Maddie’s abusive ex ended up finding her — and, beyond that, it was revealed that his ex is being played by none other than Brian Hallisay. Given that this is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s real-life husband, it certainly was a surprising cast. It’s a reunion for their former show The Client List, but beyond that there was another reason why he was brought on board. Check out some of what executive producer Tim Minear had to say via TVLine:

I actually think of it as a reunion of The Inside. I did a procedural for Fox about 10 years ago called The Inside, which was about the serial killer unite of the FBI, and I gave Brian Hallisay his first job on TV. I knew him, so when I realized he was married to Jennifer, that’s when I got the idea. I’ve always thought he was a wonderful actor. He has a certain masculine charm, but he can also be incredibly creepy. I just thought he’d be perfect, so the fact that he’s married to her is a plus.

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