911 season 2 episode 11 return date for Angela Bassett, cast

911 season 2Following tonight’s Christmas-themed fall finale, do you want to know the 911 season 2 episode 11 return date? Rest assured, we do have this information within this particular article!

Let’s kick off the announcement here with simply a reminder that there will, in fact, be another eight episodes coming over the rest of the season. Fox gave the Angela Bassett drama 18 episodes to work with this time around, up from the fairly-short first season when the entire team was just trying to get the episodes done on time. The show was ordered at the very last minute and was one of the final entries in the network’s lineup. Now, it’s clear that 911 is a staple and one of the most-successful shows that Fox has. It’s possible that it could last for many more years just on the basis of the sort of show that it is and how it is able to combine serialized and also procedural stories into one neat little package. It’s the sort of show that has been proven over the years to be extremely successful.

So when will 911 season 2 return? Based on what Fox is planning for the new year, signs point to a March return date that is fairly similar to what Fox is doing with another one of their series in Empire. They break it off into two specific chunks and then use midseason to put another series on the air and test it out. As for whether or not the hiatus will end up hurting the series, we of course do worry about that — especially since 911 became a hit in the first place airing in January and February. (These are months when there isn’t a lot of competition — mostly because of the fact that temperatures are so low that nobody really wants to go outside. It’s the perfect time of year for television viewing!)

As of right now, we anticipate some more news about the return date coming out in February or so; there’s no real reason for Fox to announce anything too quickly here when it comes to the return of the show when it is so far away!

Update: Surprisingly, Fox did confirm the date tonight — March 18!

What are the odds of a 911 season 3?

At the moment, we certainly would not be worried. With the ratings being what they are alongside audience enthusiasm, we’ve got every reason to think that this will be a flagship show for them for many more years to come. It and Empire are the closest thing to safe bets that they have; we imagine that Last Man Standing will also end up coming back, though we do wonder about the cast since it was so hard to get everyone back in the first place.

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