Is Jenna Dewan leaving The Resident after season 2 episode 9?

The Resident
Is Jenna Dewan leaving The Resident following the events of season 2 episode 9? At the very start of this episode, we were certainly worried.

One of the big takeaways that we had from the series last week was that Jenna Dewan’s character was in trouble — big trouble. The Quovadis case was starting to become rather overwhelming for her, especially due to all of the shady and super-illegal stuff that was going on behind the scenes. One of the big problems in her pursuit of justice, though, was mostly how deep the pockets are at the medical-device company, largely in that they can make an issue disappear at almost any moment that they want.

Yet, Julian started to think that she had found a way out via the FDA — however, as it turns out, the FDA guy she got into contact with almost had a stake in Quovadis. She knew the truth about Quovadis’ various odds and ends, but she was sold out to the person in charge and with that, more than just her career was in jeopardy. We actually feel like you could say the same thing about her life.

At the end of the episode, Julian found out that even after leaving Quovadis, she was certainly unsafe — a car basically drove her off the road and into the water. Is she alive? That’s one of the big cliffhangers at the end of the episode. We do know that Jenna Dewan will be leaving eventually (she has another gig at Netflix), but it may not be yet…

The wedding of Devon and Priya

For most of the episode, we were spent watching Devon question whether or not he was going to go through with marrying a woman who, at one point, he did very much love. The problem was that there were many other things getting in the way, whether it be a surge of self-doubt or also everything that happened with Julian.

The moment that Devon showed up to Priya in order to see her before the wedding, we knew that there would be problems. He confessed to her that he couldn’t marry her while he had feelings for someone else — he admitted that he kissed Julian. As you would expect, Priya wasn’t altogether happy with hearing the news … as she should be. He decided to take the responsibility for ending the relationship and the wedding. This relationship is over and beyond that, it’s pretty clear that Devon is going to be in despair for a really long time moving forward. He ultimately did do this to himself.

There was also one other important personal revelation at the wedding — after all, Conrad learned that Nic wasn’t altogether interested in kids following her miscarriage — also, it turns out that she already feels like her sister is her kids.

Other danger

Conrad’s father found himself hospitalized over the course of the episode and with that, he had to deal with some of his unresolved feelings when it came to his father. Marshall’s life at the end of the episode was put into peril, making him the second major character in mortal danger by the end.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Resident season 2 delivered an epic fall finale that was about death, heartbreak, and a number of other sad emotions. This wasn’t exactly a finale full of reasons to smile at the end!

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