The Ranch season 3 uses Broncos – Steelers game for new promo

Ranch season 3 premiere dateNetflix’s The Ranch is many things, and one of them is clearly this: Smart when it comes to episode promotion.

During this afternoon’s NFL game between the Denver Broncos (the favorite team of many of the characters, for obvious geographic reasons) and Pittsburgh Steelers, the series uploaded a new preview to its Twitter account, one that you can watch over here. In that preview, there’s some good news in that Colt and Abby’s baby is just about the arrive! As a matter of fact, Abby’s water just broke and yet, she still wants to do everything that she can to wait before going to the hospital. It’s a fun way to tie in football to the promotion of the show, and it certainly does also help that the Broncos had a good day and actually won the game.

The Ranch is gearing up for its second batch of season 3 episodes on December 7, and in these you are going to see what is effectively a very different dimension of the series. Original cast member Danny Masterson is gone, and in his place, a new character played by Dax Shepard is coming in. Having Abby’s baby be a part of the story is an important part of what lies ahead, but we imagine that there is going to be once more a combination of struggle and comedy. While in some ways The Ranch feels like a traditional sitcom, there are a number of different things that also help to make it stand out — its tone is among them, and its edgy quality is another. This is a sitcom that isn’t afraid to take on hard subjects or speak in a way that people actually talk in the real world.

Given that season 3 is not going to be the end of The Ranch, you can also watch ahead knowing that there isn’t anything all that major to worry about when it comes to the future. All signs point to there being more of the story for a little while — in theory, we do think that it could last for however long that the cast and crew want it to. The other component in here is Netflix, who are often enigmatic when it comes to why they like to keep some shows around and cancel others. They don’t release ratings information for any of their series, which does unfortunately make it rather hard in order to follow along with much of what they do.

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What do you want to see when it comes to The Ranch season 3, and what is your take on this particular promo? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now in the attached comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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