Is Saturday Night Live new tonight on NBC? Three things we’d change

Saturday Night Live reviewIs Saturday Night Live new tonight on NBC? No matter the quality of the episodes, we always find ourselves wanting more.

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Alas, there is no new episode coming up on NBC tonight, with the biggest reason being that the network wants to save some of the rest of their content for December. The next new episode (read more over here) is going to be hosted by Claire Foy, someone who is a slightly-surprising choice to host in that she’s best known for The Crown, and for a movie that came out a little bit earlier this month. (Isn’t this a little late for promo?) Yet, we do at least think that Foy is going to come on the series game to do a wide array of different stuff, and we think that her upside is going to be Jessica Chastain, who delivered an episode that has held up extremely well over time. (The worst-case scenario is that she pulls a Benedict Cumberbatch — as much as we love him, his episode just wasn’t good.)

In general, SNL has a lot to work on this season regardless of who the host is, and with that in mind, we’ve got three different suggestions that they should strongly consider taking on.

1. More creative cold opens – Do we want them to talk politics? Sure, but why not try to at least be creative with it. A good example is when they did a The People’s Court spoof featuring Alec Baldwin as Trump — you can talk politics without doing a straight-up Fox News segment or something else that’s been run dry.

2. New recurring sketches – Where are the talk show parodies are the new in-show recurring characters? other than ones played by Kate McKinnon, SNL is seemingly just churning out some routine (and often-disappointing) live sketches. Sometimes we get more from the pre-taped pieces, but only to a certain degree.

3. Tone down politics outside the cold open – It feels like the show’s been so reliant on political humor that now that some of the Trump jokes are played out, it doesn’t know where else to go. This is something that it needs to figure out since SNL at its finest did so much more than just mock political figures.

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Remember that there should be at least two or three episodes of the series in December, and we’ll be around to cover all of them! Also, let us know your expectations for the remainder of the season below; what would you change if you were a part of the SNL staff? (Photo: NBC.)

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