Better Call Saul season 5 spotlight: The future of Kim Wexler

Better Call Saul season 4In this week’s Better Call Saul season 5 spotlight, we are putting the focus firmly on someone in Kim Wexler who has absolutely had quite the journey. We do think that her relationship with Jimmy McGill has brought her a good bit of joy; yet, it’s also brought her tremendous pain, and more than likely for it is often hard to be able to balance those two different things out.

Of course, to make matters worse, we are likely going to see Kim’s decline accelerate in season 5 given where we are and what’s about to happen. Jimmy blindsided her at the end of season 4 with the reveal that he’s changing his practicing name to Saul Goodman. She’s wanted to believe that he could avoid the Slippin’ Jimmy part of himself and now, he’s embracing it. There’s a part of her that likes the sort of game that the two of them play, but she also does want success and to avoid near-constant trouble from the Bar.

So where are things going to go for Kim in season 5? Our first prediction is that, at first, she may try to figure things out with Jimmy. We know her to be loyal and at least for a time, she may try to see if she and Jimmy can figure things out. Eventually, though, we don’t think it’s going to work. The relationship needs to end in season 5, and we want to get a good sense as to why and how it happens beyond — beyond just that, where Kim could go after the fact. We don’t think there are all that many seasons left in this series and with that, it’s time to start building up her endgame. Let her find even more career success, even if that doesn’t bring her complete happiness. She should at least get something out of everything that she’s been through.

If we had it our way, of course, we’d love to learn that she ended up in Kansas City or somewhere else fairly close to Omaha. with that, there could at least be a chance that Kim and Jimmy find each other down the line.

Who could Kim spend more time with?

We’d like to see some more scenes with her and Howard, mostly because it doesn’t feel right to throw her in with a lot of the seedier people in Albuquerque society. This is her chance to actually take some steps forward and get out of the muck.

What do you think the future of Kim Wexler is going to be on Better Call Saul season 5? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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