Jane the Virgin season 5: How will the CW series tie things up?

Jane the Virgin season 4 episode 17In today’s edition of our ongoing Midseason Preview series, we’re putting the focus firmly on a series in Jane the Virgin that does have an air of mystery around it. After all, we’re talking about a show with no defined premiere date as of yet, save for that it will premiere at some point once All American wraps up its season 1 run.

The good news? The final season will be on Wednesday nights. The bad news? It is the final season. That more or less goes without saying.

As for what we are expecting to see story-wise, much of that begins with the big reveal at the end of this past season that Michael, somehow, is actually still alive. It’s one of the more shocking cliffhangers that we’ve had a chance to see in recent memory, but for everyone still upset about it, what did you expect? This show is a telenovela at its core, and that means finding a way to inject all sorts of shocking twists into the narrative at almost every possible moment. Right when Jane starts to think that she’s got everything together, Michael turns up and heads immediately explode.

Of course, beyond just Michael’s presence the question that needs to be asked is how this is possible — if it really is possible. While we don’t anticipate that the writers are going to give us a complete, blow-by-blow account of every single that’s happened to him over the past few years, we gotta have something to go on here. After that, you can start to really push the story forward and play into what this means for Jane’s life and for everyone around her.

How could this story end?

There’s certainly a case for it to be tied-together neatly in the closing minutes. Yet, is that really right for a show like this with the tone that it has? We’re really not altogether sure, given that so much of its bread and butter is on finding new ways to surprise. We’d offer up some closure to the series’ biggest relationships, while also leaving open some flexibility that Jane’s life could still go in a number of different directions. That’s just the way that the world works! Nothing is tied together forever and while we do think that the series lives on a plane that is very much over-the-top, there is an undercurrent of realism that still bubbles underneath the surface.

Once there is something a little more defined regarding Jane the Virgin season 5 and what lies ahead, including a teaser of some variety, we will have it for you here.

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What do you want to see when it comes to Jane the Virgin season 5, and how are you hoping that the CW series wraps things up? Be sure to share in the attached comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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