The Walking Dead season 9 will feature more Negan in the future

Walking Dead season 8If you have been wondering as to why The Walking Dead has cut back on Negan somewhat over the course of the season so far, there is a reason. It’s a deliberate move to change things up, and to thematically swing the show somewhat on its axis.

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Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan done with the series? Far from it, but seeing this new version of the character is just a natural next step in the series’ evolution. This is a version of Negan that we don’t have to actually see all that much for him to be effective or memorable, just because he’s probably not doing all that much that is altogether different on a day-to-day basis. We hone in on him when there is actually something important to hone in on.

For a little more insight on this particular subject, just take a look at what executive producer Angela Kang had to say via CinemaBlend:

Negan definitely has his moments to shine, and he’s got more coming up … But it was a conscious decision, just from a storytelling perspective of wanting to show where everybody was at in the aftermath of that war … And it felt more powerful to kind of focus on the people who were not in the prison cell, while also giving us an insight into Negan. From episode to episode, when we see him, he’s definitely in a different place than we’ve ever seen him in the past.

If you are a major Negan fan, one of the biggest reasons to have hope for his future basically just comes from the fact that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still a part of the main cast. If the writers did not have plans for him again in the long-term, do you really think that they would be holding onto him in the same way that they are? He’s someone who still has something to offer this universe beyond just a reminder of the past, and patience is more than likely going to be the way in which we arrive to that down the line. For now, the biggest threat that is entering the world of The Walking Dead is that of the Whisperers, who are a group you are going to be seeing a considerable bit of throughout the upcoming midseason finale and beyond. They’ve got a different way of doing things than almost any threat that the heroes have come across so far; after all, very few others have taken deliberate steps to try and actually disguise themselves as walkers roaming around.

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