Grey’s Anatomy season 15 spoilers: How the blackout could help someone

Grey's Anatomy season 14Moving into the return of Grey’s Anatomy in the new year, it’s clear that many different doctors are going to be contending with the massive blackout that happened in the fall finale. For the majority of people — including the patients — this is a net negative.

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Yet, at the same time it actually does seem as though this situation could be beneficial to at least one person: Andrew DeLuca. Meredith was reluctant to let him into the same elevator as her during the fall finale, thinking that she would be forced into a long conversation about their feelings for each other. Yet, he promised that he would not make things awkward for her … and then the blackout happened. Now, the two are basically in a situation where there’s no choice but for things to be awkward, which should prove interesting for a number of different reasons. There’s not going to be a whole lot for either one of them to do other than talk to each other, and that is a situation that could end up being to DeLuca’s benefit.

In speaking about this a little bit further, here is some of what Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays the character, had to say via E! News:

“When we come back, we’re still stuck in that elevator…you know, Meredith’s been running from DeLuca in a way, every time he’s offered something—”I gotta, go, I’ll take the stairs, not right now, I’ve had a long week,” so this is finally a chance where he’s kinda got her backed in a corner, so there’s nowhere to run so she has to talk, she has to tell DeLuca how she feels … When we come back from the break, we’re going to be seeing Meredith in a place where she has no choice. She will kind of say how she feels, they’re gonna have a really heart to heart conversation about their lives and get to know each other on a more deeper, emotional level…”

Does any of this mean that we’re actually going to see these two get closer to a full-fledged relationship? Not in the slightest, especially since there is another contender for Meredith’s heart out there at the moment in Meredith. Yet, what we do think that this situation does is at least get everything a little bit more out in the open which, for the sake of relationships on this show, is almost certainly a good thing. Just remember that there’s another bit relationship that can be explored now that Teddy has finally told Owen the truth about her pregnancy. They may not get together, but they definitely need to establish parameters for whatever their life is going to be.

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