Madam Secretary season 5: What are the best crossover possibilities?

Madam SecretaryAs we look towards the remainder Madam Secretary season 5, there are a number of different questions to wonder about. For this particular article, though, we are putting most of the focus on the idea of crossovers. Is there one that is probably going to happen with this show in the near future? Probably not, but it’s still without question a rather fun thing to think about. The characters on Madam Secretary are so malleable that we think that they would work in just about any situation. Also, with so many CBS shows having rather hefty episode orders, we do think that there is some room to still explore this, at least for an episode, before moving on to other things.

For the sake of this article (which is a component in our ongoing Crossover November article series), we are doing our best to share some of the top contenders — at least in our mind, for an incredibly-fun crossover with this show at the center.

NCIS – This one feels almost like a given, since we are talking about two Washington-set series and organizations that, in the right setting, could easily work together. Envision a situation where the Secretary of State calls NCIS in order to get some help on an issue that unfolds somewhere overseas. Also, we want to see Gibbs and Henry McCord have a few scenes together and for Elizabeth to spend some time with McGee. We feel like they’d be fast friends.

MacGyver – While this feels like a total longshot, we do think that there could be something fun about a strange mission for MacGyver in which the Secretary of State was in danger and only he + the remainder of the team was able to help! While we understand that the two shows do not exactly have the same tone, Tea Leoni does have some comedy chops and we think that there is some potential for this to really work.

Blue Bloods – We’ve mentioned this one time and time again over the years and we’ve got virtually zero plans to stop mentioning it. Doesn’t this just feel perfect when you think about the story and the tone here? Both are tales of family anchored by someone who has an extremely prominent position. Given how much time Elizabeth spends in New York, it also feels like it just makes a great deal of sense. (Beyond all of that, Madam Secretary actually films in the New York area.)

Murphy Brown – Given that the sitcom also focuses on all sorts of political discourse, and features the title character interviewing a number of political figures, why not have her come on and talk about her Presidential bid? Sure, we know that Murphy Brown is a comedy, but personally we’re down for seeing the two shows get a little bit meta and have some fun with each other. 

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What do you think would be the perfect crossover for Madam Secretary season 5? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the attached comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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