Macy’s Parade 2018: Rita Ora suffers lip-sync fail during live performance

It happens to at least one person every year at the Macy’s Parade — and this time around, it happened to Rita Ora.

Ora was on stage during one of the floats this year, where she was basically doing her part in order to “sing” on cue. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do — the temperatures are freezing, it’s sometimes hard to hear the music, and you also have to deal this year with some sub-zero temperatures. This is, by far, one of the coldest Macy’s Parades in recent memory, and we’ve certainly seen a number of people struggle to deal with that.

The thing with the parade, though, is that some time to do a better job hiding their lip-syncing on their floats than others. Typically, most people can get away with it without anyone making it a big deal. With Ora, however, she wasn’t properly timed up with the beat and, at times, that made it seem like she didn’t know some of her own words. We don’t actually think that’s the case, though. At least she seemed to be trying to move along to the energy of the song. (Given the aforementioned terrible weather, that had to make all of this a little more challenging for her.)

Was this the worst lip-sync we’ve ever seen at the Parade? We’re not going to say that, mostly because we’ve seen people basically forget their cue for a few seconds at the parade before. Yet, it certainly wasn’t anywhere close to the best. At least Ora can move forward and nobody will hold this against her — which they really shouldn’t, given that this is just a ridiculous, lighthearted affair that happens every year. It’s Thanksgiving and lip-syncing is really just a part of the act. (Also, by tomorrow everyone will have probably forgotten about this already — heck, they may forget by the end of the day thanks to football and Black Firday.) While Kelly Clarkson did sing live earlier in the show, she’s just one of a very small sample size of people who did. (You can head over to this link and read a little bit more about what Clarkson did.)

For those of you who aren’t altogether familiar with Ora’s music, she has also been a host for America’s Next Top Model to go along with a judge on a number of British singing shows. She hasn’t done as much when it comes to TV in America by comparison.

For those of you who want to see video of what happened with Rita, take a look below (via Ryan Schocket on Twitter.)

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