Macy’s Parade 2018: Kelly Clarkson signs live, in freezing cold

If there’s one person deserving of a time of credit at the 2018 Macy’s Parade, it is Kelly Clarkson. Why? It really just comes down to two simple words: Singing live.

While we don’t love to be altogether cynical about the parade given that this is the holiday season, but the vast majority of the people we see on the show don’t end up actually performing on the scene. The majority of them lip-sync for a wide array of different reasons. Sometimes, it’s just logistically easier. Other times, you have singers who know that their voice isn’t going to really sound altogether well in the cold temperatures and the wind. It’s just not the perfect environment for singers, but we understand why parade organizers want them around — it gives the event star power and you want to convince viewers to be around for all three hours of the broadcast. That’s why they had Kelly there for the first hour, the one that a lot of viewers do not often watch.

Yet, Clarkson decided that she was going to brave all of that — not only did she sing live, but she did so in some extremely cold temperatures. This was one of the closest days on record for the parade, with temperatures being under 0 degrees. She also sounded great, which says a lot more about her talent. In general, though, can you really be that shocked that Kelly Clarkson, one of the best vocalists out there, chose to actually perform live at the Parade? We’re really not, but her performance was all the more of a standout as the night went along and we started to hear some other people. They just couldn’t bring the thunder on the same level!

Clarkson was of course on the Macy’s Parade broadcast this year as a bit of cross-network synergy. She is a coach on one of the other shows in The Voice, as we do think that her presence here should be a great reminder to some of her contestants some of the demands that are asked of you within the entertainment industry. Sometimes, you just gotta go out and do things that aren’t altogether easy to do. These are tough temperatures for performances but with the right attitude, you can figure out the best way to handle it and get even more headlines for yourself. It’s a good way to start Thanksgiving like that.

(Other parade highlight — see who’s actually managing to stay warm within these temperatures! This may be a tradition, but seeing people try to survive out there in the cold made for a very different atmosphere than one we’ve typically seen.)

What do you think about Kelly Clarkson singing live at the Macy’s Parade? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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