SEAL Team season 2 episode 8 video: The nightclub operation

SEAL Team season 2As we prepare for SEAL Team season 2 episode 8 to air on CBS Wednesday night, why not take a moment so see what lies ahead?

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In the new sneak peek that we have for you below, you can see Jason and the rest of the team being briefed on the next phase of their mission in Mexico, one where the primary goal remains the same: Attempting to take down the cartel leader and stymie most of that operation. Yet, one of the great things about SEAL Team is that they strive for realism on this show. They don’t have any intention of painting a situation where good things always immediately happen for the heroes. Instead, what we get here more often than not are step-by-step plans. Taking down Andres Doza is the endgame here, but that may not happen over the course of the episode tonight.

Instead, the primary goal here is to be able to establish a means in which to track one of Doza’s top lieutenants — it is a way to set themselves up for some moves to be made down the line. While they could easily try to bring him in, Doza would realize that something was amiss when one of his most-important people suddenly went AWOL. This mission is a little bit more complicated and the main order of business here should be trying to get access to this man within one of Mexico’s most-prominent nightclubs, one in which this lieutenant may be seen alongside a Mexican actress.

So how in the world is the team going to be able to go undetected in this club? For starters, they are benefited by it being a hotspot for European and American tourists; with that, it won’t be altogether unusual that two people like Jason and Mandy are there. They will have to be undercover at the club and find a way to inch close to their target. That may mean either causing a scene or climbing the odd nightclub social hierarchy that you tend to find at such establishments. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, mostly because there is often a tendency for many people to have their guard up. They want to hang around a small group of familiar faces and don’t often want to speak with anyone they consider to be an outsider – especially when it comes to the cartel.

If Jason wants to get what he wants out of this situation, he needs to be prepared to act — and act fast. Otherwise, he’s going to be in trouble.

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