This Is Us season 3 producer breaks down Tess’ sexuality discussion

This Is Us season 2Tonight, This Is Us season 3 delivered one of the more surprising moments of the season — this time courtesy of Tess. It wasn’t something that the show had built up or established all that much; instead, it just more or less came out that Tess, Randall and Beth’s daughter, is interested in women.

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It is certainly still too early in order to define the character’s sexuality, and that is something that we really don’t want to do all that much anyway. What’s a little bit more interesting here is figuring out the motivation and the timing of this reveal. After all, Tess told Kate in the midst of a private conversation, and then after the fact asked her not to tell anyone about it.

So what went into this reveal as a whole? That is something that executive producer Isaac Aptaker discussed further in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“…[It’s] not even about whether or not you think your parents are going to be okay with it, it’s just such a huge scary thing to declare who you are to the world. And to do that at Tess’ age, she’s really young, it’s overwhelming. I don’t think she’s worried, “What if my parents don’t love me anymore?” and “What if they’re not okay with this?,” because they are pretty liberal and pretty loving parents, but it’s just a terrifying thing to announce yourself like that…. That wasn’t a premeditated decision to tell Kate, she kind of got swept up in this conversation, so then [she had] a second to think about it and go, “Uh-oh, I’m not ready yet.” She needed to make sure that Kate got that.

Ultimately, we’re not sure that there will be all that much when it comes to story on this right now, mostly because there doesn’t need to be. Tess is still a young girl, so this may matter more in the event that the writers want to be able to take on something in the flash-forwards. There is now a little bit more of a touchstone that the creative team can look at a little bit down the road, and we do think that this matters for the sake of telling a more complete moment.

Also, we do think that this moment will mean a good bit to Kate down the road, given the fact that this showed her that she can be a caring, nurturing mother figure — though it may not be as easy to convince her own daughter or son to open us.

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