Dancing with the Stars 27 finale: Did Bobby Bones or Evanna Lynch win?

Dancing with the Stars
Tonight, the Dancing with the Stars 27 finale featured a specific lineup that very few people probably expected. Who would’ve thought that Juan Pablo Di Pace would be gone? Who thought that Bobby Bones would still be there?

Yet, tonight’s episode featured Bobby facing off against Milo Manheim, Evanna Lynch, and Alex Rin all competing for the Mirrorball Trophy. There was a lot crammed in to a short period of time and this is all indicative of the ways in which Dancing with the Stars has changed over the years. In the old days, ABC would never have crammed so much into a single two hours — they would’ve stretched this out over two nights and across around four or so hours. With all of this in mind, some of these Stars had to deliver a lot in at times a very short period of time.

Going into the finale, we’ll go ahead and spell it out that our prediction was that Evanna would win — regardless of whether or not she is the best dancer (we certainly do think that she’s up there), what she does manage to consistently deliver here is entertainment. She’s likable, entertaining, and she has a ton of Harry Potter fans backing her up. Milo is also a pretty good contender.

As for Bobby … well, he should just be happy to be there. He’s a likable guy and we appreciate what he’s done. Yet, he should not have won the show.


Well, the big reason for this is fairly simple: Viewers embrace the underdog, and they appreciated the energy and enthusiasm that he brought to the show all season long. It really didn’t matter that he wasn’t the most popular pre-season or the best dancer. He made the most of what he did while he was out there.

Yet, by no means is this going to make every single person who loves Dancing with the Stars happy. There are going to be a lot of people infuriated about this, and understandably if they are diehard Dancing with the Stars purists who think that the judges’ scores should play a larger role in this. Just remember that it is just a trophy, and ultimately, none of this really matters. It is a popularity contest that is about viewers picking the person who appealed to them the most over the season. This time around, that person was Bobby.

Yes, we’re shocking and we wanted Evanna — but isn’t there always next season?

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What do you think about the Dancing with the Stars 27 finale, and do you think that the right person ended up winning? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the attached comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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