The Voice review: Chris Kroeze’s dedication to Jayme Closs

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Welcome to our review for The Voice and the top 13 performance show! Over the course of the night, we are going to share some of our thoughts on the artists, including letter grades and a video at the very end of it all with more of our thoughts.

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Chris Klouze, “Let It Be” – Tonight’s episode absolutely started on an especially-emotional note with Chris’ performance. The entirely of this performance was dedicated to Jayme Closs, a missing 13-year old girl from his hometown of Barron, Wisconsin. It’s a song that he had performed there in the past, and why it worked on the show is because Chris has the right mixture of power and emotional. It didn’t feel like he was just imitating the Beatles but he still honored the lyrics. Grade: B+.

Tyke James, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” – Tricky song to do, especially a new arrangement with a ukulele dedicated to his mom. It is very Hawaiian. The vocals were mostly on point and the emotion was there. Did the song really take on much of a journey? Not really, and it could be somewhat forgotten because of that. Yet, it was enjoyable for at least the few minutes we heard it. Grade: B-.

DeAndre Nico, “I Can Only Imagine” – DeAndre’s had a tough past year or so, and this was a deeply personal song for him to do given that it’s so powerful and spiritual. We do think it showed his supreme vocal strength, but he does need to be careful as to not go too far out-of-control at the end of the performance. Sometimes, less really can be more and he needed to reign it in slightly. Grade: B.

Kymberli Joye, “Diamonds” – It would be easily to say almost everything that we said about DeAndre here. This was an interesting song choice and it started really strong — yet, rather than picking up the pace and doing things a little bit different, she tried to push the register too far and the end of the song felt bigger and louder than it really needed to. Grade: B-.

Kennedy Holmes, “Wind Beneath My Wings” – A really well-sung, emotional rendition of a fairly boring song. B is almost for boring tonight; nobody is doing terribly, but very few people are taking creative risks or doing something that they really should be trying to do in order to stand out. Grade: B.

SandyRedd, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” – This started to really good, but soon after that Sandy started getting way too aggressive with her runs and trying to fit every single note in here when she didn’t need to. The pitch wavered at the end, especially when she started to tear up and had a hard time finishing. Grade: C+.

Chevel Shepherd, “Little White Church” – This was fun! It was so different and exciting and full of life — a refreshing change from the rest of the night. Let’s be clear here, though — she also hit a number of tough notes in here. This wasn’t just her doing uptempo karaoke; it may have been the most complete performance of a modern hit on the entire night. Grade: A-.

MaKenzie Thomas, “I Am Changing” – This was a much bigger and bolder choice for MaKenzie — and a really tough vocal to do. While we’re not sure that this is the perfect song to do in order to bring in new fans (we feel like she’s already got the J-Hud fans on lock), this is probably the best showcase of what MaKenzie can do this season. Grade: B+.

Sarah Grace, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” – This proved that Sarah is extremely talented, but we do think that this wasn’t the right song. It doesn’t have a melody that plays altogether well on a show like The Voice, and there probably would’ve been a few smarter choices that could have been made here that would pop more. Grade: B-.

Dave Fenley, “Hard to Love” – This was pleasant. This was a performance from a dude who’s been battle-tested and meant every single word of what he was singing. He knew who he was and, beyond that, the sort of career that he wants to have after the fact. This song dictated a certain ceiling, but he did as much as he could to try to hit that. Grade: B+.

Lynnea Moorer, “Wolves” – She found her way back after fighting her way though the Comeback part of the show, and she did a pretty competent cover of a Selena Gomez song. Yet, it wasn’t so enormously impactful that we’re going to be telling everyone they need to watch it. This was solid, but also could’ve had another gear. Grade: B.

Kirk Jay, “I’m Already There” – A good performance that did show what Kirk is capable of — yet, it also felt like this is not the sort of country we want from him. We’d rather hear him do something that was more upbeat and exciting than something that felt the same as everything else. Grade: B-.

Reagan Strange, “I Am Yours” – This was the closing song of the night, and it was a big declaration from Christian singer Lauren Daigle. This was a chance for Reagan to dedicate something to her grandparents and she delivered — at least for the most part. We don’t think, though, that she cured the problem with tonight overall. Grade: B+.

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