Manifest episode 8 video: The sense of urgency for Ben

Manifest season 1Tonight, Manifest episode 8 is coming to NBC and with a title that is certainly notable: “Point of No Return.”

What should we expect here? For starters, for Ben to really go full-tilt in his efforts to try and locate the missing passengers who were aboard flight 828. The longer that they are gone from the public eye, the more concerning things are. After all, it’s just not clear what is happening with them and why they were taken in the first place.

There are two real points of contention entering this episode, with the first one being that it’s certainly possible that more passengers could be taken. Some could easily become all, especially since so many of these passengers have come back different and forever changed from who they were before. As we’ve seen in a good many superhero movies over time, there is always that point when the normal people stop trusting the people with “powers” and make it their mission to try to put a stop to them somehow. Maybe that is the trajectory that this show is eventually going to move into, but we’re not at that point just yet. Still, if you are someone like Ben you gotta be concerned about it.

Meanwhile, there is one other major point of concern at the moment, and that is the fact that Cal in particular could become a target and it’s not altogether difficult to figure out why. After all, Ben’s son is someone who is clearly special, and may have more of a connection to the mysterious circumstances around the flight than anyone. After all, he is one of the few who saw the white light, something that still remains basked in a certain degree of mystery.

Could we get answers as to what this white light is at the end of this episode? That feels unlikely, but what is 100% clear at the moment is that the world of these characters is probably never going to be the same once you get to the end of it. We have to take this particular episode title at its word, at least to a certain extent. Otherwise, we could be facing a situation where we are blindsided.

One thing that is worth noting is that at the conclusion of episode eight, we’ll be at the halfway point of the first season! NBC gave Manifest a “full-season” order; the only reason it’s a little bit shorter than some other shows out there is because the writers don’t want to sacrifice quality by throwing 22 episodes on the air. This allows the story as a whole to be a little bit tighter than it would end up being otherwise.

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