Suits season 8 episode 11 return date revealed at US; see first teaser

Suits season 8 episode 2
Come Wednesday, January 23 on USA, you are going to have a chance to see Suits season 8 episode 11 officially on the air!

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Today, the network officially made the announcement, and to go along with that they also released the latest teaser all about what to expect. What’s the theme this time around? It’s simply this: Louis Litt is now the big man on campus. He was officially named managing partner at the end of last season and with that in mind, the structure of the entire firm is probably about to change. This is a man who has a tendency to love authority and expressing it in virtually every way that he can. Yet, at the same time he was ready to go back onto the sidelines and not even seek out this job! He wants to be a father and understands that with that comes a re-focusing of his energy. Naming Louis just felt like the best way in which to ensure that there would be a relative sense of harmony.

There are still many different questions that we are left to ponder at the moment, with one of the biggest ones being just what we’re going to see in terms of leadership struggles with various members of the firm now. There’s an established history of some characters within the Suits world not giving Louis the respect that he deserves, and you have to think (quite unfortunately) that this is going to be a trend that continues at first. It’s going to be an adjustment getting everyone on board with Louis’ style, and part of the fun will be seeing who gets Litt Up in the process.

What’s also worth noting moving into the second half of the season is that both Alex and Samantha are going to be adjusting to new positions as name partner and with that is going to come some more responsibility — and also potential conflict. They’re going to have a larger seat at the table, and no longer are going to be seen as second-in-commands to the likes of Harvey or Zane anymore. Donna also is fully embracing her title of COO, and while she may not have a legal license, you do have to think that she will continue to make all of her thoughts clear.

Of course, there is one other storyline that probably will command some attention, as well — whatever is going on with Brian and Katrina Bennett, who has enjoyed working with him to the point where she now has feelings for him. Yet, he’s married, and while he’s set some boundaries we hardly think that he’s divided those up in permanent marker.

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What do you think about the Suits season 8 episode 11 return date and what do you want to see moving forward? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now in the attached comments. (Photo: USA.)

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