Last Week Tonight with John Oliver & Russell Crowe’s missing jockstrap

Last Week TonightFor his final segment of 2018, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver put a focus on something that has become a bit of a trend over the past several years: Authoritarian governments. It has become more of a consistent trend over the course of the past several years, especially when it comes to elections in the United States or Brazil, plus also the consolidation of power in some other parts of the world.

So what was the point of this main segment, to remind you that Donald Trump was close to being an authoritarian figures? That was something we certainly knew well before we got to this show airing tonight. We’ve seen many examples of it over the course of the past several years.

We could continue to focus on this segment, but we don’t want to. Instead, we’re casting our focus instead here on Russell Crowe’s missing jockstrap. This something that became a running joke over the past several months on the show, and for whatever reason, it managed to become so much more than it was meant to. At first, it was sent to the last Blockbuster in Alaska; after it closed, it was sent down to the last Blockbuster in America, which is located in Oregon. However, somewhere along the line this ended up going missing. Oliver didn’t know where it was … or did he? This is where we got as we moved forward to the end of the episode, when Oliver revealed that he had yet another surprise.

Remember the wax Presidents that Oliver bought in the past? Well, John managed to make a fake movie trailer featuring many of them, this time for a The Fast and the Furious style thriller all about finding the missing jockstrap. As it turns out, the person who actually seems to have it is … Russell Crowe. Yes, it was him all along. He was the person in control and with that, it seems as though the jockstrap is back with its rightful owner. All of this was a completely ridiculous way to end the year, but we rather like that we returned to this gag one final time.

One other thing that is very impressive here? That somehow, Oliver got Arnie Hammer to play one of the leads in this. It may be Arnie’s most impressive role to date.

We’re officially going to miss this show. It’s great when it is teaching us something we don’t know, but equally so when it is also bringing you things that are ridiculous, comical, and also a heck of a lot of fun from top to bottom. This episode of Last Week Tonight brought that and with that in mind, we already cannot wait for 2019.

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