The Durrells in Corfu season 3 finale: Sadness for Louisa, Spiros

Durrells season 3 episode 2
Tonight, The Durrells in Corfu came to a close, at least for the season on PBS; with that, however, we had a reminder that love for this family does not always come easy.

The most noteworthy of possible-romances with this series is clearly Louisa and Spiros, mostly because of the incredible chemistry between them and also everything that they had invested in the relationship already. Yet, everything fell apart with the return of Spiros’ wife, who he believed had left him previously and he was trying to mend a broken heart. Louisa is now left in an almost-impossible emotional rut, given that she has had serious feelings for this man for a rather-long time. Now, however, she finds herself in a position in which she is left to wonder precisely if she ever had anything with him quite in the way that she thought she did. Her investment may have been different and within the aftermath of that, all she is left with is some varying degrees of pain.

We feel for Louisa given that we do want her to find love; yet, we do think that there are other ways for her to define her life as a whole. One of the biggest ones may be as setting up her homestead as something more — almost a bed-and-breakfast if you will, where she can have an opportunity to showcase some of her famous hospitality with others.

Alas, the romantic heartbreak within this episode stretched so far beyond what we ended up seeing with Louisa. After all, it also existed tonight within some other venues! When it comes to Leslie for example, he came to realize that he may not be expecting a baby, after all — Daphne’s child actually belongs to another man. As a result of that, she told him that he was free of the responsibility that would come with him being a dad. For a while, this is something that caused his mind to go into various states of panic; yet, the irony is that once the idea was taken away from him, he had started to actually warm up to it.

As a whole, we do think that this episode delivered a lot of fun moments amidst some of the heartbreak — especially when it comes to some of these characters trying to attract some attention to a traveling circus! The thing about The Durrells is that even when things are not going altogether well, they try their best to look at the world in a glass-half-full sort of way (something we can all learn to do in some respects). There’s a sort of adventure that they immerse themselves into and that’s a part of what makes this show so much fun to watch.

Do you want to know what’s not fun, however? Having to wait until 2019 at the earliest for new episodes.

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