Shark Tank preview: Handbag Raincoat, Wisp, Rewardstock, The Kombucha Shop

Shark Tank season 9 premiereComing up on Sunday night’s new episode of Shark Tank, be prepared for Handbag Raincoat, the Wisp, Rewardstock, and The Kombucha Shop! Also, prepare for history to be made! For the first time ever, there is a panel with more female Sharks than men — Sara Blakely, Lori Greiner, and Barbara Corcoran are joined by Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary. The products range from all sorts of industries, and all seem to have at least relative potential. For more, take a look at the official synopsis:

Sisters from Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, introduce a way to protect women’s handbags with their waterproof cover design; an entrepreneur from Raleigh, North Carolina, presents his automated travel service that will use your reward points to help you plan your next vacation at a fraction of the cost; an entrepreneur from San Marcos, California, pitches his one-handed pull broom and dustpan to help clean easily and effortlessly; an entrepreneur from Madison, Wisconsin, shows the Sharks an affordable way to make a healthy beverage with her at-home kit.

Want some more information on the individual products? Then take a look below…

Wisp – This is a smart product and, beyond just that, a very efficient pitch. There haven’t been too many new iterations of a broom over the years, but this offers up something better than the sort of broom and dustpan you’re used to having. Everything from the weight of the broom to the angle in which the pan catches debris has been totally thought-out, leaving you with a much easier experience than what you’re probably used to when cleaning the floor. At the right price point, this feels like a slam-dunk deal that is hard to ignore. (Learn more at the official site.)

Rewardstock – The idea here seems to be fairly simple: A system to help you collect and spend points in order to make travel even more affordable and convenient than you ever thought it could be. The system helps to pair you up with the right card to select points so that you can get as many points as possible towards your chosen destination. The audience here may be smaller in scale than Wisp, but if you’re a travel-nut, this is certainly something worth looking at. (Read more here.)

The Kombucha Shop – If you really love fermented tea, this is probably a more affordable option for you than buying it at the store. This company provides kits and supplies so that you can make your own kombucha at home for a fraction of the price. They have a lot of flavor options and for diehard fans, you may find the process fun! Granted, we do also think that there are some who won’t want to go through the effort. (Read more at the official site.)

Handbag Raincoat – The pitch for this product is absolutely over-the-top, but there is something fun about the simplicity here. It’s a coat … for your handbag! The product is reasonably-priced, it’s functional with a wide array of handbags, and if you love carrying around your handbag and also live in a place with quick changes to the weather, maybe it’s something that is worth carrying around. (Read more here.)

Do any of these Shark Tank products intrigue you? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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