God Friended Me episode 8 video: When your friend suggestion’s dead…

God friended meOn Sunday night’s new episode of God Friended Meyou’re going to see one of the most mysterious friend suggestions that we’ve seen to date. After all, how do you find a way to help a dead person?

This question is the crux of the sneak peek below from Sunday night’s new episode, as entering this installment, it feels as though Miles is feeling rather confident about his skill set and what he’s capable of pulling off in the God-account world. That’s what happens when you’ve resolved as many issues as he, Cara, and Rakesh have since the start of the season! This one raises the stakes.

So what’s going on here? This could just be the God account’s way of sending the characters a curveball, or a jumping-off point by means to help some other people. There could be more than one person in need and this is just an entry point. Or, it could have to do with the man’s estate or his lasting legacy. After all, there are certainly a number of different issues for people that exist beyond the grave and this installment will offer up a further chance to explore that beyond some of what we’ve seen as of this point.

By the end of this installment, we imagine that some answers will come … at least on that. The typical rhythm for God Friended Me episodes at this point is that the writers seem to be pretty intent on giving answers to most God account storylines within a single episode.

As for the larger mystery itself…

Could we actually learn the true identity of the God account — if it is something other than a higher power — during this episode? For the time being, that feels like that’s something that won’t be answered anytime soon — or really even ever. While it does seek as though Rakesh is still hard at work trying to get some answers, we’re not sure that it even benefits the show to have this sort of information out there. A part of the fun here is the mystery and the question about who is delivering these suggestions — once that is resolved, it takes a certain something away … or does it? It depends on your perspective on what it means to have faith. Just because the God account is a person on Earth (if that is the case) may not mean that divine intervention is a myth. There are many more theories you could start about their own existence, and whether or not their presence is a part of some sort of a greater plan.

While we would prefer this storyline to remain a mystery, we’ll put some faith in whatever the writers decide.

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