Grey’s Anatomy season 15: Kevin McKidd’s take on Owen, Amelia

AmeliaMrs. Carter: Is there a future for Owen and Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy season 15, beyond some of what we just saw in the fall finale?

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Of course, trying to get a definitive answer on this question can be akin to pulling teeth, but the good news is that Kevin McKidd himself seems to be fairly on board with the idea of Omelia being together. There may be hope for them yet following Teddy’s admission that he’s carrying his child — at least if nothing else, information is power and having that out there is good. Owen can make some thoughtful, more-informed opinions on his future because he is privy to all of the information in a way he wasn’t previously. While all of us know that he’s a guy who values loyalty and he would want to be there for that baby, he’s also loyal to Amelia and the family-of-sorts he is building with them. There are some tough choices that he will have to make.

Speaking vis TV Guide, here is what Kevin McKidd had to say on his view of the situation:

I think he and Amelia are very much on a path of being a couple. So I think it’s gonna be very hard for him to tear himself away from that commitment. Once Owen makes a commitment, he tends to stand by it unless something really terrible happens. I think that’s what we’re gonna see but it’s very conflicting too. It’s very conflicting for Owen to know what to do and what is for the best and whether to listen to his heart or his head. He has history, very deep, long history with both of these people, so I think he feels very freaked out.

One of the things emphasized in that aforementioned video is that it would be nice to see Owen make a decision, and fairly fast, on this subject. Why? It doesn’t really behoove anyone to have this be some sort of long, drawn-out process where there is not a whole lot of new information. It’s more fascinating storytelling-wise for Owen to make his choice and then allow the writers to play around with what comes after that and the ebb and flow of this new normal.

Remember, Owen doesn’t have to be with Teddy to be there for her. He needs to treat her right and treat her well, but the same goes for Amelia. Multiple hearts are at play and knowing the sort of guy he is, Owen should be able to figure this out.

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