Blue Bloods season 9: What should be next on Jamko pipeline?

Blue Bloods season 9

Before diving into this too much, the first thing that we should of course point out here is the progress that they’ve made so far. In terms of their relationship, it’s clearly defined now: They’re engaged! They’ve got a good life planned out and it seems as though they’re enjoying most moments that they have with each other.

At work, however, things are a little bit more complicated between the two of them and it’s easy to see why. Jamie has a new promotion, and Eddie’s trying to blend in as just another cop working under him. They have not disclosed this relationship to anyone just yet. As I start to look ahead to some of the big moments that need to come next for these two characters, doesn’t this need to be fairly high up on the list? There is only so long that they can expect to keep this a secret before the news gets out — and, when it does, it’s going to be somewhat catastrophic. Think of things in this sense. So much of Jamie’s job is built on having the trust of some of the people who are around him. If, all of a sudden, these cops stop having a reason to trust him, then he loses another slice of his overall authority. That’s an issue. It also sets up Eddie for so much more ridicule than if the two of them find a way to disclose things on their own.

As for the next move away from the job…

It seems as though Jamko may have a wedding venue figured out, so why not start to assemble more of the wedding party? From Eddie’s standpoint, it feels like Erin could be a given, and Nicky could also be included somehow — if things progress with her new partner Maya and she’s not too upset about being left out of the personal loop in regards to the relationship, maybe she could be there. For Jamie, it only seems right that he have Danny as his best man, but it does feel like there should be more conversations about this! Figuring out these roles is very much important before the next few stages of the planning process can begin, including bachelor / bachelorette parties and the like.

Blue Bloods returns to the air on Friday, November 30 — think in terms of the other side of Black Friday.

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