Ray Donovan season 6 episode 4 video: Could Ray kill his own father?

Ray DonovanTomorrow night on Showtime, Ray Donovan season 6 episode 4 is going to be coming on the air, and suffice it to say, Ray could be in a larger pickle than usual. Why? Thank his father Mickey for it.

At the end of this past episode of the series, we saw the series’ title character kidnap Jay White, and with that, Ray’s in a position where he has to try and unravel this mess. Mickey is in many ways a wicked chess-player. He makes a move and then, in the aftermath of said move, he waits for Ray to react. Almost everything that he’s done to date has been a way in which to get under his son’s skin, though there is also a “I’m doing what I want to” motive to it, as well. We certainly do think that Mickey was more than happy to be able to bust out of prison in whatever way that he could.

At the moment, we’re seeing Ray find himself sidetracked and forced to do just about everything that he can to resolve this situation — not just for himself, but also Sam Winslow. He is still under her employ and this seems to be just as much a distraction for her as it is for him. Remember that there’s certainly something that she would rather have Ray working on than having to deal with a lot of this nonsense.

Also in this episode, expect violence — plenty of violence. That part of Ray Donovan clearly isn’t going away, and we’re going to be quite curious how the fighting is incorporated into all of the story. The supporting storylines, to be honest, haven’t exactly been magnetic this season, but we saw that knowing that there’s a big reason for all of the attention and magnetism surrounding Ray himself. It’s hard not to really gravitate more towards his story when you consider everything that happened at the start of the season and also some of what he’s up against just yet.

Is New York going to eventually turn into an ideal long-term setting for the series? That’s something that we still have to work in order to figure out. There are elements to the show that we’re enjoying this time around, though it does feel weird and fairly atypical to see Ray continue to be so segmented and separated from much of the family that he was once close to.

Remember that Ray Donovan will be available before the live broadcast tomorrow, provided of course that you have the app.

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What do you want to see coming up on Ray Donovan season 6 episode 4, and do you think that Ray would eradicate his own father from the world? Share in the comments below! (Photo: Showtime.)

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