Madam Secretary season 5 episode 7 video: Elizabeth’s unlikely alliance

Madam SecretarySunday night’s Madam Secretary season 5 episode 7 is entitled “Baby Steps,” and that seems appropriate given the story ahead.

To say that this story is different from most others you’ve seen would be an understatement, mostly because it finds Elizabeth McCord in a position that she is not altogether used to: Trying to collaborate with one Vice President Hurst, as opposed to there being a somewhat-adversarial relationship between the two.

Over time, one of the biggest problems that we’ve seen these two characters have is simply one of politics. Hurst has Presidential aspirations, but the problem here is that Elizabeth feels the same. There’s not hatred here, but there certainly is tension given that these two women potentially want the same thing and they have to each prepare for the possibility that the other person may be standing in their way of getting it.

Yet, occasionally there are situations that come up that are so much bigger than politics, and this episode could be a situation where those end up playing out. The issue for Hurst is that she’s facing a crisis that only Elizabeth can solve — and it’s personal. In Laos, a surrogate carrying the VP’s future grandchild is arrested, and with the Elizabeth is tasked with trying to navigate this incredibly-difficult situation and ensure that everything is revolved without too much of a problem. Suffice it to say, this qualifies as being so much easier said than done since this is walking into a veritable political minefield where there are so many potential problems around just about every corner. Throughout this episode, the character is going to have to figure out a way to navigate just about every single one of them and there could be some significant difficulties when it comes to that.

Perhaps the most important thing, at least at the moment, is that if Elizabeth and Hurst do find a way to work together here, that could pave the way for something warmer in the future. Even if the two are both running for President, seemingly they would be of the same party. Whoever emerges through primary season would probably need the support of the other, and that could even include one person campaigning for the other. If Elizabeth finds a way to pull this off, it’s easy to find situations in which the two could work together again down the line.

Rest assured, this episode could prove to be one of the most fascinating of the entire season, provided of course that the story is told correctly and we get to see some sort of actually building of a real relationship.

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