Blue Bloods season 9 episode 8 review: Jamie, Eddie’s wedding venue & more

Blue Bloods season 9

At the start of Blue Bloods season 9 episode 8, Erin Reagan found herself in a tough position in a couple of different ways. Meanwhile, Jamie had a tough decision to make and Frank was ready to go to war.

Let’s kick things off here with Frank, who was livid regarding some changes in policy over at the District Attorney’s office. All of a sudden, prosecutors are not going to be putting their energy into marijuana cases anymore. That irks the Commissioner, who wants to enforce every single law in the books — he doesn’t want to take any shortcuts or cut things out just because of some controversy or societal change. Frank eventually admitted that he reacted out of anger to her making her rule change, mostly because he didn’t like being blindsided with a rule change. Erin did compromise on her rule change slightly, and he seemed satisfied with that.

Elsewhere, Erin found herself in a position where she was trying to change the rules regarding sex-trafficking cases, where the young victims were put into too precarious a position to have to testify in front of the same men who previously abused them. Erin didn’t want to force a victim into doing anything; yet, she also realized that this was the only way in which to ensure these victims got locked up. That’s why the young victim tonight made the decision that she did to testify, knowing that this may actually be a move to help these victims.

Erin was trying to find a way to change legislation with the help of the Governor, who made it clear that he wanted to change things; yet, he was also bound by a bunch of red tape. In the end Erin came to a small agreement with the Governor, but there are a number of boxes that need to be checked off first.

Danny’s complicated case

Following a violent and difficult shoot-out, Danny Reagan started to find himself in a dilemma — a friend and fellow cop named Tommy froze up while out in the field, and with that, did not come to the aid of a fellow officer. As a result of that, the IAB was looking into him and whether or not he was fit to continue to be out on the street. Danny tried to stand up for him; yet, at the same exact time he knew that he only could for so long.

So why did Tommy freeze up? Well, a good bit of it had to do with him being a new father. He was trying his best to think of his daughter out in the field and it was causing him to hesitant. It seemed as though Danny had made up his mind as to what he was going to do, he received a rather undue visit from Gromley, who told him that he needed to be honest to IAB or risk his whole career.

Right when Danny was about to speak to the IAB one more time, though, Tommy decided to make a full statement: Admit to what happened out in the field. Tommy ended up retiring rather than force his friend to lie for him. This was a tough thing for Danny to accept but as a whole, this may have been for the best.

Tonight’s Jamko moments

On a lighthearted moment, we learned that Jamie and Eddie may be getting married at the same church that Henry did many years ago, and the same church that most of the family goes to. Meanwhile, the Reagans also pranked Eddie by making her think that they all went on honeymoons with one another. (Apparently, the Reagan family pranks never end.)

On a more serious note, however, Jamie was wrestling with some of the guilt he was feeling over an incident out in the field. He took responsibility for what happened and with that, he wondered if he made a mistake becoming Sergeant. The one thing that caused Jamie to rethink his philosophy tonight was Henry reminding him that cops die. It’s a part of the job, but what happened with him does not mean that he should give up the job.

CarterMatt Verdict

While Frank dragging his feet over the marijuana legislation seemed like an impossible cause, we got what the point of the story was. As a whole, though, Blue Bloods tonight delivered a number of great storylines that offered us a chance to learn a little more about the Jamko wedding in the process — even though it may not be happening right away.

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