MacGyver season 3 episode 8 review: Who is Connor? The mystery bomb


Tonight, MacGyver season 3 episode 8 took its time before introducing one of the most important villains in the flesh: The Ghost. Throughout the series, we have had an opportunity to hear about this character here and there — and often seen his handiwork. This character is a dangerous bomber, someone who had a history of taking out countless targets all over the world. Mac had a vendetta, and over the course of this episode we had a chance to see this story play out.

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Early on in the episode the story of the Ghost first surfaced courtesy of Eileen, a young woman and British intelligence officer who had spent the better part of her life trying to hunt the man. From almost the very moment we met this character (played by Teen Wolf alum Holland Roden), it was pretty clear that this character had a secret up her sleeve. As a matter of fact, we actually thought for most of it that she herself could end up being the Ghost and that this was all a part of some sort of twisted plan.

Well, as it turned out, things were not precisely as they first appeared, but not in the way we expected. It just so turned out that Eileen was the daughter of the Ghost, a man named Connor whose obsession for building led to him accidentally killing his wife and also a part of himself — the part that had humanity. She had then spent the bulk of her life trying to get vengeance, which is why when she finally saw him, she stabbed him and forced Mac to deal with a bomb. Basically, his entire mission was hijacked and he was then placed within a terrible life-or-death situation that he was not entirely sure just how to handle.

This was a crazy, near-death experience for Mac, but the good news is that he was able to save himself with five seconds to spare. However, he was not able to spare the Ghost. Now, the character is actually a literal ghost.

In the aftermath of everything…

Was that the end of things for Eileen? Well, at the end of the episode she went out into the wind and we’re very much left to wonder precisely what is going to become of her yet. We got a feeling that she’s somewhere out there, but it’s hard to think that she will follow the same exact trajectory as her father … but she may clearly have some other issues that she’s trying to work through.

CarterMatt Verdict

MacGyver tonight brought us a heck of a mythology episode, and also one of the most intense stories this season. With Jack Dalton around Mac was short-handed and with that, he was reliant on both his remaining friends and his best instincts. It was also a wise move for the writers to spend a little bit of time giving us a sense of his time back in Afghanistan, just as a further way to fill in some of the cracks as to the Ghost and how important it really was for him to be able to take this man down at all costs.

The story of the Ghost technically is not over, though — apparently, there is still one more bomb out there destined to take him out. We feel like it’s just a matter of when that turns back up rather than if.

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