Outlander season 4 episode 3: Three different expectations for what’s ahead!

OutlanderSunday night, Outlander season 4 episode 3 (entitled “The False Bride”) is going to air on Starz. With that in mind, we want to do our part to preview it further. This article is all about setting the stage for Sunday’s installment, whether it be the continuation of things for Jamie and Claire to also kicking off the story for Roger and Brianna — one that is going to last a substantial period of time and be pivotal to the future of this series as a whole.

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1. Jamie and Claire moving forward from River Run – While it felt like a given that these two characters were going to move forward following the events of this past episode, 4×03 will offer the two a chance to assess things further before taking their next steps out into the rigid North Carolina wilderness. Maria Doyle Kennedy will appear, at least for a short period of time. Her time on the show is far from done, though, presuming the series follows the story of the books.

As for the reason for Jamie and Claire’s departure, they want their own lives; also, if they cannot change slavery, they certainly don’t want to participate in it.

2. The arrival of Native Americans into the picture – While it may have been just a small moment in the preview for this episode, be prepared for Native Americans to have more of a larger presence within this story at large. Given that we are seeing characters move more into their land, this serves as an opportunity for the Frasers to experience some of their culture and also to react to their presence. We know that Caitriona Balfe’s character will bring with her a larger perspective on who they are because of her own era; while Native Americans are not slaves, they suffer their own sort of mistreatment at the hands of the settlers throughout history.

3. The story of Roger and Brianna – Be prepared to see this episode try to address what these characters have been up to in the time in which they have been off-screen. Brianna may have a new life for herself without Claire around. Meanwhile, Roger should have pursued some interests of his own. The feelings between the two of them remain very much there and will be explored at the Scottish Festival and elsewhere. Yet, there are likely some other issues the two will encounter in that they haven’t really spent all that much time together. Because of that, it’s clear that they have some stuff to figure out.

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What is it that you are the most excited to see when it comes to Outlander season 4 episode 3? Be sure to check out some more thoughts on this particular subject below! (Photo: Starz.)

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