Blue Bloods season 9 episode 8 video: Why is Frank angry at the D.A.?

Blue Bloods season 9

On Friday night’s new episode of Blue Bloods, be prepared to see Frank Reagan in the midst of his latest sparring match with the D.A.’s office. What’s it over this time around? Think in terms of the super-topical subject of marijuana.

In the latest video sneak peek for this episode, you can see that Tom Selleck’s character is none too pleased over the fact that prosecutors are no longer going after many standard marijuana cases. With that in mind, it creates a deeper divide between what he wants as police commissioner and what they want as the people who are actually issuing out punishments. It’s a tough spot for him to be, but it is also indicative of the changing viewpoints towards marijuana in this country.

Frank’s philosophy doesn’t seem to really be a political one at all; instead, it’s based simply more on his desire to be able to properly enforce what he believes to still be the rule of law. Because marijuana laws are still on the books, he wants the D.A.’s office to properly enforce what is put in place — regardless of whether or not they are viewed as antiquated by people in higher positions of government.

What you can expect as a result of this is a showdown between Frank and his daughter Erin, but it feels like this is going to be a difficult battle for Frank to win given that the Brooklyn D.A.’s office has already been operating with this particular strategy for a good period of time already. This just seems to be the way things are going right now and it would take a huge pendulum swing for anything to change significantly in the end. That’s just not something we foresee happening unless some other people come in at the state level.

The best thing that Frank can hope for if he wants to get his way here is some sort of compromise — luckily for him, we do know that he’s better at compromise than almost any other person out there. He finds a way, somehow, to figure out solutions that often work for at least most parties involved. Maybe this will end up being the case here, as well.

No matter what happens, hopefully this episode satisfies given that there is no new episode airing next week — Black Friday is keeping the Reagans (temporarily, at least) off the air.

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