Manifest season 1 episode 7 reaction: The stakes have been raised

Manifest season 1NBC’s Manifest raised the stakes this week as fans got closer to unraveling the mystery as Ben took a job to gain access to important information. We saw Michaela and Jared investigate the murder of a barbershop owner gunned down in his own shop while Olive and Danny grew closer.

Ben took an entry-level job at an accounting firm that controls the finances of the organization behind the testing of 11 passengers from Flight 828 that have been missing since they landed. Ben figured that if he could get a hold of the account records, they could find where they moved the missing passengers. It was a smart plan as he navigated the treacherous waters of gaining access to restricted files, but succeeded in his quest. He found that all roads lead back to a famous passenger named Fiona Clark, an outspoken woman on the relationship between the mind and body. When Ben and Saanvi tracked her down she revealed that a third party group wanted to fund her research leading Ben and Saanvi to believe a greater power is at hand.

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What makes this storyline so great is the fact that we still don’t clearly know where the writers are taking us. For instance, Ben taking a job at an accounting firm was an unexpected surprise, but it made sense and was the natural next step to figure this mystery out. While Cal was feeling better, we also saw that he’s haunted by the experience of being mentally attached to another passenger. It pained him. In addition, Cal also became the sign his father needed when he drew a picture of Carlos with Evie’s heart days before or when he reassured Ben that Vance was one of the good guys. Again, this show makes us believe that what is normally considered unimaginable is possible and that’s what makes it so addicting and great.

Michaela and Jared once again were assigned to the same case when an elderly man was gunned down in his own barbershop with only his nephew to have survived. Distraught over the ordeal, he couldn’t positively identify the shooter which Michaela figured out over a pleasant dinner with Jared and Lourdes that Carlos was planning a revenge killing. Michaela showed up at this house and convinced him that it wasn’t the way.

While his storyline wasn’t front and center it reminded us that Michaela is still experiencing internal sensations that help her identify who is in danger and who needs help. To us, Michaela holds a deeper connection to Cal and the mystery that has been hinted at but not explored yet. Most everyone else has stopped hearing the voices and sensations, but for Michaela is only grows. Now we could be wrong, but Cal and Michaela are top on our list for the group’s best chance at solving the mystery.

The one storyline that was heartbreaking to watch was Olive and Danny. It’s pretty clear that Danny holds a special place in his heart for Olive and sees her in his own eyes as a daughter. So when Olive announced she was going rock climbing with him, Ben couldn’t find his feelings fast enough. Grace assured him that she didn’t have to go, but after learning that rock climbing helped save her from the pain of losing her family, Ben couldn’t deny her the experience. It was honestly one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series so far because while it wasn’t overly emotional, it proved the extent of a relationship. Olive likes spending time with a man who isn’t her father, but was there for her when she needed him most. He knows of her emotional pain, her deepest hurt and he still cares about her. It’s smart writing and delivered beautifully.

Next week the mystery only deepens. NBC Manifest returns Monday at 10pm on NBC. For more news related to Manifest, be sure to visit this link.

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