Is John Hensley leaving How to Get Away with Murder on ABC?

How to Get Away with MurderFollowing tonight’s fall finale for season 5, are we going to see John Hensley leaving How to Get Away with Murder on ABC?

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As it turns out, that does seem pretty likely … mostly due to the circumstances that befell the character of D.A. Miller. How in the world did this character manage to find himself dead at the hands of Nate? Well, it was the end result of a series of events, ones that spiraled out of control for a wide array of different reasons. Miller did effectively make his own bed because of his double-dealing, his scheming, and his betrayals. Yet, now he has to lie in it and Nate has to deal with the fact that he killed him. Meanwhile, Bonnie was there to do some of the clean-up duty … and to think, all of this happened at Connor and Oliver’s wedding. This is not a setting that should have been deadly in theory, but it certainly was … just as we knew that it was going to be. The hype surrounding the end of this episode is something that we knew all over the internet. Does losing Miller justify it? That’s up for debate. To us, it’s not about losing this particular character in so much as it is why we ended up losing him.

As for losing John Hensley, the series is losing a powerful, magnetic performer. This role was one of the most prominent ones that we’ve seen since his time on Nip/Tuck, but he has appeared in a wide array of other shows after that. Some of his other credits include the likes of 911, The Mentalist, and NCIS: New Orleans. 

Here is the good news when it comes to this show — being killed off a show doesn’t necessarily mean that you are gone forever. There is always a chance that they will be coming back down the line for flashbacks, given there are often missing pieces or small elements that may very well need to be filled in. We’re hoping for Hensley that there could be an opportunity for that, but there may not be a big one given that How to Get Away with Murder is clearly going to be doing its part in order to move forward. There are only so many more episodes left this season and from a momentum standpoint, this is a train that needs to keep on rolling.

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What do you think about Miller being the person killed off at the end of the How to Get Away with Murder season 5 fall finale? Be sure to share some thoughts on that right now in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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