MacGyver season 3 episode 8: Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden to appear

MacGyverTomorrow, MacGyver season 3 episode 8 offers up a number of different things, including the arrival of a longtime villain in The Ghost. Beyond just that, we also have an appearance of a notable guest star in Teen Wolf alum Holland Roden!

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In the sneak peek below, you can get a sense as to what Roden is bringing to the story as Eileen, a woman with British intelligence connections — even if she has an American accent. (As it turns out, she moved to Britain from America when she was young, but after she already had her accent.) As it turns out, she and Mac have a connection, and we’re not talking about a romantic one. (That could still be in the cards, though, given that he and Nasha are currently on the outs after Murdoc used her as a part of one of his latest deadly operations.)

As it turns out, Eileen meeting Mac at the swanky event she sees him at is no coincident. It just so happens that she made certain that the two of them were there at the same time in order for her to remind him of The Ghost. This infamous bomber has been one of Mac’s biggest adversaries for quite some time, with the biggest problem here of course being that he has not been able to actually determine the character’s whereabouts at all. That may change within this episode, as Mac gets one of the biggest clues that he’s had to where they actually are — and potentially who they are at the same time.

If you’ve been wanting answers about the Ghost, this episode is going to be your chance to see them. Or, if you just like having Holland Roden on your TV set, this will be an opportunity for that, as well. Eileen seems like the sort of character, on the surface, who could come back … provided that she’s not some sort of traitor who is really just how to screw over MacGyver after luring him in. After watching this series for as long as we have, we do think that we’ve learned that it’s a smart move to not really put too trust into anyone. After all, there’s a reasonably good chance that these people could end up screwing you over down the line. Mac has to be cautious, but we’re also sure there is a part of him super-psyched over the prospects of being able to get rid of the Ghost once and for all.

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