Who is Vivian Maddox on How to Get Away with Murder season 5?

How to Get Away with MurderThe How to Get Away with Murder season 5 winter finale has been teeing up a huge character death for a really long time. Tonight, everything finally came home to roost and some theories were officially validated.

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Of course, let’s kick this article off with a reminder that there are some spoilers ahead…

As it turns out the person who is dead is … none other than D.A. Miller! Not only that, but the person who killed him was none other than … Bonnie (at least in terms of who finished the job). Nate was the first party responsible for what went down outside in the snow, not too far from the site of what was supposed to be a really wonderful, super-romantic wedding for Connor and Oliver. There were still some very-nice moments within the ceremony, whether it be the vows to getting to hear Oliver perform a rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me.” This was enough to, at least temporarily, make you forget a little bit about everything that was going on outside in between the blood, Bonnie discovering the body, and then her doing whatever she could in order to help clean it up.

Going into the death of the character, it was pretty clear that Bonnie’s feelings about Miller were a little bit different than they once were. She understood at least some of Nate’s motives, in particular revenge after Miller may have been responsible for getting his father killed behind bars. All of this was complicated, but in this finale the house clearly came a-tumbling down for this guy.

Who is Gabriel Maddox, really?

Well, tonight finally gave us all of the information that we’ve been looking for. As it turns out, Gabriel is the son of Sam Keating and Vivian Maddox — as Sam’s history of infidelity flashed before our eyes in the finale, we started to get a sense as to the pain that this would specifically cause. Knowing the truth about Gabriel isn’t going to help ease Annalise’s mind in the slightest, and that’s after everything that she’s already gone through when it comes to Governor this season.

Overall, this winter finale was certainly all sorts of insane. It was fast-paced and actually served the purpose of answering multiple questions at the same time. Now, the wait begins until the second half of the season airs and with that, more answers can be handed out. We certainly know that we could benefit from a few more, including what the larger purpose of Annalise is going to be in the story.

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