Legacies episode 4 sneak peek: The Mystic Falls High mission

Legacies cast photoWhen Legacies episode 4 arrives on The CW Thursday night, you are going to have a chance to see a very different sort of mission than we’re used to. Some of the characters within this world, after all, are going to be heading over to a familiar locale: Mystic Falls High. Basically, this is the site of a tremendous amount of chaos from The Vampire Diaries, whether it be via the deaths of several characters or a number of love triangles. There is history within those walls!

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So why does Alaric want to send some students from the Salvatore School over to the high school? Well, much of that seems to be a fact-finding mission … and also one that’s about trying to improve the school’s reputation. There was that clash earlier this season when the two schools met up and beyond that, there’s another issue now in the missing kids. That was revealed at the end of this past episode and we’ve got a feeling that there’s going to need to be some sort of supernatural investigation in order to find some answers. (Matt Donovan is there, but he’s probably not enough when it comes to reinforcements.)

What’s so funny about the sneak peek below is that Lizzie volunteers to go over in a way that is straight out of The Hunger Games. She’s ready to accept the position of hero here, probably because she loves the praise that it offered her with the gargoyle crisis. Hope and others are also on board, which means that for this episode, you’ll probably seen many of our favorites from this show find their way back over to the series again.

Basically, this episode could feel a little bit like a crossover with The Vampire Diaries without even having some of those characters around. While many years have passed between the end of that show and where we are now in the timeline, is it too wrong to hope that the set hasn’t really changed all that much at all? We do want this to look and feel at least reasonably close to the same Mystic Falls High School that we came to know and love — we’re certainly sure that a lot of the same themes are here that were present in the early days of the franchise.

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