Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 8 review: The best blindside so far

Mike White

If there is one thing that we’re learning about Survivor: David vs. Goliath at the moment, it’s that it’s not just about the battle of the strong. It’s also about a battle of the smart.

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For Mike White tonight, he started to realize in the early going that working with his alliance of the six, otherwise known as the Strike Force, may not be in his best interest. After all, one of the big problems here is that he would go down to the end of the game with Christian, someone who may actually be the biggest threat in the entire game. The merit of sticking with the Goliaths is that it may be easier to manipulate some of them down the road.

What we wonder, though, is this: Why cut off your options? Why not just get rid of someone like Carl since you can then push the decision down the road for yet another vote? He’s not in the six! Angelina was the easy alternate target, mostly because she blew up her game at the last Tribal Council. Yet, we’d almost want to keep Angelina for at least a few weeks because she doesn’t have anywhere else to turn.

Why not blindside Dan? Well, he is a really big threat … but he also won immunity, and this was after one of most ridiculous faux pas out there when he got cocky and lost the reward challenge for his team because he was showing off. That was hilarious and we could probably watch it a number of times over.

After the immunity challenge…

Well, the scramble began. At first, it did appear as though Christian’s days were numbered. Almost everyone, including Christian’s fellow Brochacho John, was ready to make a move.

Here is where things get a little bit crazy here: Christian could have an immunity idol, and obviously Angelina was not actually cool with the idea of being the target. She was getting a little bit paranoid. Following that, Alec ended up going and telling Nick about what was going down, which left him in an interesting spot. Earlier in the episode, he found the steal-a-vote advantage with the help of Davie making a hilarious distraction on the beach. With that in mind, Nick did feel a kinship with Davie and wanted to talk to him about using it. This would force a tie vote, and would the Goliaths really want to go to rocks just so that they could save Angelina, a relatively-unpopular player in the game?

Well, what happened at Tribal Council was one of the craziest things we’ve seen all season long and we’re still turned up about it. We wish we got to see more of the plan that went into place here, but at the same time, we also don’t because the surprise was brilliant. John found himself completely blindsided by Christian, Nick, and Davie, who decided to cast votes his way — presumably thinking that a chain of events could be coming with immunity idols that led to this happening. It was GLORIOUS and John was eliminated. The Goliath tribe got cocky and didn’t worry about a vote split, thinking that they were fine to lose Angelina if it came down to it. That didn’t happen, and because of that they ended losing one of the most valuable people in that group — especially to Dan.

CarterMatt Verdict

While this episode felt predictable for almost the whole way through, the final few minutes tonight were all sorts of gloriously insane with John being blindsided and going home. If the rest of the season is like this, we’re going to have a lot to celebrate. The crummy news for the David tribe is that they don’t have any more idols. Yet, they do have Nick’s vote-steal, and technically, Carl does have that idol nullifier. If they are smart, maybe they could actually find a way to get rid of Dan. (Yet, could Dan find another idol and play his second idol over his idol nullifier? That’s something that we’re still waiting to figure out here.)

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