Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 9 preview: The blindside aftermath

Survivor: David vs. GoliathMoving into next week’s Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 9, the show has a really difficult challenge: Trying to top one of the most epic-blindsides that we’ve ever seen.

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What happened to John Hennigan was the stuff of Survivor legend; we like the guy, but even still his blindside was incredibly entertaining since a three of the David tribe members were smart enough to think and plan ahead with this. Dan showed his commitment to the Goliath tribe, but he lost an idol tonight and he also ended up losing an ally he was much closer to. He’s effectively traded John for Angelina, who at least may be super-loyal to him after the move that was made tonight.

Now, let’s look ahead towards next week, it seems as though there could be a mass exodus when it comes to players wanting to work with Dan. He’s gotten way too cocky in the game for his own good, so it seems, and it looks as though even Kara is ready to cut bait with him. She’s starting to run around and talk with other players about alliances, which would be great for the David group. If they can get one more person on that side, what that would mean is that Nick wouldn’t even have to use his vote-steal advantage to get someone out of the game.

Yet, the problem here is that the David tribe members have been scorned many times before in the game. They’ve been lied to and they don’t want to look like idiots. Therefore, there are two super-interesting scenarios that could go down next week:

1. Dan leaves – How this happens is that Nick plays his vote-steal advantage and they take out the Goliaths in a six-five vote. Even if Dan plays his second idol, Carl has an advantage that can nullify it. The look on Dan’s face here would be pretty priceless since he would think that he was golden.

2. Kara leaves – This could be equally crazy in that the Davids could all vote for Kara, the Goliaths (feeling betrayed by her) could vote for her, and Kara could vote for some random person. This is unlikely, but it would be pretty fun.

Ultimately, the fact that we are entering the next episode with a 6-5 split in the tribes means that we’re set up for some really-fun gameplay moving forward, which means that this season could be one that actually delivers on the immense hype. Fingers crossed it lands.

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