Chicago Med season 4 episode 8 review: Did Natalie learn the truth?

Chicago Med - Natalie ManningGoing into Chicago Med season 4 episode 8, there was one story that we really felt needed to take a step forward — Will’s secret when it comes to Ray. At the start of the episode, it was clear that Natalie was aware that something was up. She just wasn’t sure what it was, and before she could get too far in her interrogation of it, she and Will were forced into action helping some patients.

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The longer that this emotional saga went down with Will and Natalie, the clearer it was that things would eventually come to a head. He had his ulcer going on and his mind was seemingly impacted. He wasn’t really making the most sound medical decisions in the world. What made things complicated was that his patient had a tattoo reading “do not resuscitate” and it wasn’t clear if that should be followed or not. There was another ethical dilemma here, mostly in that if Will just allowed his patient to die, his daughter’s organs following her death could be harvested and given to other people.

Will found himself stressed over all of this, and he started to take some of it out on Natalie. Eventually when she went over his head this culminated in what was the biggest argument we’ve seen from them on this show. Will’s patient died and with that, his daughter’s organs could be harvested. She got what she wanted, but it was really more about what the patient wanted. Will was taking out his anger over the Ray situation on her.

Here’s where things get tough: Natalie took the ring off at the end of the episode … but he told her he didn’t want it back. Their engagement is still on, but they have MANY problems still ahead.

Ethan, Dr. Charles, and the tale of an itch

For those two doctors, they had an extremely-difficult task tonight trying to handle a patient who was almost certain that she had a constant itch that just wouldn’t go away. He thought that he had figured out the cause of it, but at that point, the patient had been convinced that surgery was actually the better option … even if that may not solve anything.

While Dr. Charles has his flaws (being temperamental and everything else that happened with Dr. Reese), what he is very much good at is finding a way to think outside of the box. He’s smart and hyper-resourceful in a way that very few other doctors are. He understands precisely how to fix problems and he did that here, using some research and Dr. Choi almost as a test case. This entire case really was just about retraining her mind in order to do and think a little bit differently.

As for Ethan’s personal life, it does seem as though he and Vicky are getting closer … though this by no means guarantees them getting back together.

The battle over Connor’s OR

Over the course of tonight’s episode, we saw that Dr. Rhodes was none too pleased with the fact that administration wanted to open up his special OR in the ED to ordinary surgeries. He felt that was a waste and that it would keep him from doing some of his special operations when the moment called for them. As it turns out, he was right. There was an emergency situation that came up and he found himself soon after this trying to find a way in order to get back in there — while chastising those who kept him out in the first. place.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Chicago Med was one that jam-packed in a great deal of content — we just wish that there was something even more substantial for Maggie beyond just her and April getting into it over charge nurse responsibilities. (This was scattered here and there throughout the episode.) Elsewhere, we found the Dr. Charles story to be rather fascinating tonight, and we’re certainly feeling way more concerned about the state of Will and Natalie than we thought we’d be with the wedding right around the corner.

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