Supernatural season 14 episode 6 video: Dean shows Jack the ropes

Supernatural season 13 posterWhat’s it like being undercover with Dean Winchester? That’s something that Jack is going to figure out on Supernatural season 14 episode 6. The sneak peek below gives you a small sense of what’s coming, mostly as one small-town waitress proves to be a less-than-friendly source of information.

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In this preview, it is fairly clear what Dean wants more than anything else: Details on a guy named Winston, someone who’s clearly important to the latest case. Hence, the need for the suit and the undercover persona. Someone also seemed to get Jack prepared for the occasion, though not so much that he realizes that you don’t have to write down every single thing that the person you’re speaking with says. The waitress tells Dean and Jack that Winston is dead, but that’s really all that she says given that she is not altogether keen on handing down a whole lot more information after that. She specifically uses the term “deep state” and a number of other things that you would expect to hear from someone who has effectively no interest in talking to someone with a badge.

With that, Dean’s gotta resort to something that he’s probably had to resort to many a time that the cameras aren’t even around for these cases: Bribes. Consider this Jack’s next lesson — when all else fails, just hand them cash and hope that they are willing to take it. Some people are desperate enough that they won’t overlook it and this feels very much like one of those particular occasions.

This episode, overall, should give us a good time to see some unusual character combinations. While you see Dean do his part to teach Jack the way of things while being out in the field with him, you’re also going to see Castiel do his part in order to work together with Sam. With their powers combined, it’s certainly possible that they are going to be able to make some headway on everything they are doing … while having a little bit of fun along the way. Maybe we’ll also get some sort of progress on the larger mythology of this season, as well. Just remember that Michael’s handiwork is still out there, and it may take a little bit of effort on the part of the brothers to find a way to curtail that. (We also still do wonder whether or not we’re really done with that character — just a personal conspiracy.)

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