Blue Bloods season 9 episode 8 video: Eddie checks in on Jamie

Blue Bloods season 9

What is the incident that is leaving Jamie Reagan so distressed on Blue Bloods season 9 episode 8? CBS has released a new sneak peek, and thanks to that we have a little more information on what is coming up.

There have been teases leading up to this episode that something was going to transpire to make Jamie question whether or not he is fit to be a Sergeant … and now we know precisely what that is. In this clip, Jamie makes it clear to Eddie that he made a judgment call out in the field during a hostage crisis, and it’s one that ended up leading to some rather-terrible consequences. At least one officer was shot, and that is something that is very much in Jamie’s head since he could have waited for more reinforcements to arrive.

Yet, would that have been the right move, either? That’s something that Eddie questions, given that she feels like Jamie made the best move that he could in the moment with the knowledge that he had. There were people in danger and he wanted to do what he could to ensure that they were helped; that is part of the job, but when things go south while out in the field it’s understandable to be dealing with this level of self-doubt and of insecurity.

Our hope at the moment now is that as this story goes along, Jamie will start to feel better and understand that he can’t be in control of everything that happens while out keeping the peace. If he was, there wouldn’t be anywhere near the need for as many cops, instead he’d be more along the lines of Superman. He has his fiancée to help him out here, and we have a feeling that all of the other Reagans will be there for him at family dinner down the road. This is, after all, one of the major advantages to being in the midst of cops for most of your life. Many of these people have been through similar experiences at one point or another, especially Henry and Frank. They know perhaps better than anyone what it is like having the weight of a whole department on their shoulders. The responsibility can be a wonderful and rewarding thing sometimes, but also the most terrible thing ever at others. This is something that Jamie will need to get used to if he wants to keep climbing the police ladder — there’s a lot of nuance that comes with leadership.

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(Photo: CBS.)

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