Outlander season 4 episode 3 photos: Jamie, Claire enter the wilderness

OutlanderWelcome to our first Outlander season 4 episode 3 photo preview! As we await the next new episode airing on Starz this Sunday, we have some of the latest photos signifying the journey ahead. In part 1 today, we are focusing on the story of Jamie and Claire; check back later this week, as the focus will be placed on Roger and Brianna.

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The first photo that we’re leading off with here is a fairly-clear indicator that Aunt Jocasta is very much still a part of the story; in other words, Jamie and Claire won’t have departed River Run entirely at the start of the upcoming episode. In the wake of what happened with Rufus, it does feel clear that these two are not destined to remain at the estate forever. However, at the same time they have realized that this place is not for them and they are better off heading to greener pastures, ones where they can be free from slavery and some of its many horrors. We know that they are embarking on a journey to the Blue Ridge Mountains, but given Jocasta’s role in the books moving forward, it does also feel clear that she will be back in some capacity even after this journey begins.

Beyond just showing Jamie and Claire’s very-clear thoughts on slavery, the other importance of 4×02 was giving us a chance to meet some faces who will be quite important at some other point down the line.


This next photo gives you a little more perspective of Jamie and Claire on the road, and you can see them decked-out in what is much more appropriate traveling fashion. They have to be prepared in order to tackle the elements, plus also have some supplies on hand in the event that they need them along the way. This is a difficult journey given that the weather is unpredictable and beyond that, you don’t know quite who you are going to run into yet.


At the same time, rest assured that the romance between the Frasers is far from dead. This photo is a rather-happy one given that it showcases these characters enjoying one another’s company. We know that there are some out there who have been concerned about the amount of romance (or lack thereof) through this past episode, but given the subject matter it was hard to really show much of that. Tonally, it just wasn’t altogether important. That will change with the two on the road together, getting a chance to enjoy one another’s company a little bit more.

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