The Flash season 5 episode 5 review: Rag Doll & finding Caitlin’s dad

Flash season 5 episode 2Tonight, The Flash season 5 episode 5 brought you by far one of the creepiest villains of the season. Yet, beyond that, we also has a number of personal revelations and emotional conversations.

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For a prime example of that, all you have to do is look at Cecile trying to get through to Nora about her mother Iris. She needed her to realize that no matter what she thought of her mother decades from now, this character was very much inspirational. She was someone who was empathetic, hard-working, and very much worthy of all of the respect in the world. She also proved everything that she was willing to do in order to save her husband after she was captured by the villain of the week in Rag Doll. He had the ability to contort his body into all sorts of weird shapes and sizes, and he used that in order to get precisely what he wanted: All the wealth and power that he so desired.

Yet, was Rag Doll really that interesting? Not really, since there was never any danger that this character was going to win. He was just a man designed to give some creepiness to the episode and kudos to Troy James for delivering much of that. His presence was a function for Nora to understand more that her mother was a hero just as much as her father was. We saw that in the closing minutes and luckily, Nora did too. Everything seems to be right with the world now with them.

As for what mattered elsewhere…

Tonight, Cisco Ramon and Sherloque kept their search going to Caitlin’s father, and they did uncover some valuable information along the way. For example, take the fact that he was familiar with Caitlin’s frosty alter ego. Yet, finding him became an incredible challenge because Cisco was hurting himself almost every single vibe that he did. Caitlin didn’t want to rely on him anymore and she understood that she couldn’t ask him to help.

Luckily, Dibny and Sherloque were still able to help her out in order to potentially determine just where her father could be hiding: A black ops site, one previously run by Caitlin’s mother. At the end of the episode, Cisco was able to use some of DeVoe’s remnant satellites in order to locate some of the sites and figure out precisely where her father could be. This was the foundation to what’s going to be a pretty big story next week.

Yet, there is still one big question: Does Caitlin actually want to find him? She went through all of this trouble, but she still wasn’t sure.

CarterMatt Verdict

Rag Doll was a cool villain visually, but there wasn’t too much else there. This is an hour stuffed full of sentimental moments and a little bit of action mixed in. It was nice to see Ralph step up a little bit as a hero near the end of the episode, but it would’ve also been nice to have seen more of the villain Cicada along the way … given that he is still the Big Bad for the story. Doesn’t that still matter in a big way?

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