NCIS season 16 episode 8 review: What’s wrong with Ducky?

David McCallum

Last week we had a really fun episode that had Bishop front and center as she got reacquainted with her inner artist, something that she hadn’t tapped into for a long time and it looks like she will be continuing to nurture her artistic side this week too! As much as we love the case of the week, these more personal moments where we get to know our characters better is what we live for with this show.

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Art impressions

Seems that last week’s episode where a famous street artists inspired Bishop to pick up her paint brush once again is still going strong on tonight’s episode and she’s pulled someone else into the fun! Her and Jimmy are working on sunrise sketches where they get up at the crack of dawn and sketch with the rising sun on their faces (sounds quite nice actually!). When they walked into the office Torres pulled out his own painting – you remember the one that he did when he went to a paint and wine class with Jimmy that landed them both in jail? It may not be at the same level as Jimmy or Bishop, but art is really all about getting out there and expressing yourself.

The trouble with Ducky

We have had two weeks of Ducky in a row (which we are so very thankful for since we miss him all the time!), but Ducky seems a little off. When he comes onto the latest crime it felt like he missed that the neck of the victim was broken, which is something that he normally would’ve picked up on right away. What’s even more strange is when Jimmy gives a ridiculous diagnosis of the victim and Ducky doesn’t have a story for it!

For everyone out there shipping Bishop and Torres…

There was a fun When Harry Met Sally moment between them tonight when Torres noted that men and women can’t be platonic – but we have seen them cultivating a friendship at work and away from work, like we saw with them going to goat yoga and Torres over at her place for non-work reasons. If he wants to be with her, stop side stepping this and just say what you mean! He seems to be so charismatic and suave with the ladies, but Bishop clearly stumps him.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We thought that they were going somewhere with Ducky being a bit off, and the build up was for him leaving on another adventure. We were hoping that he was going to be back more after mention that Ducky was “back in the lab” for a while, but he’s going away again after seeing Jimmy running the lab like a pro. Don’t worry though, he was clear with Jimmy that after a bit of globe trotting he will be back in the “New Year”, so we feel confident that he will be in more episodes this season.

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