Ink Master season 11 episode 13 preview: Is Team Christian crumbling?

Ink Master season 11 episode 5As we look ahead into Ink Master season 11 episode 13 on the Paramount Network next week, Team Christian looks on paper to be in great shape. They’ve got four remaining artists to Team Cleen’s two!

Yet, sometimes less really is more and that could be very well the case here. The two artists that Cleen has left are Tiffer and Tony, and what we’ve come to know about these guys is that they are no-nonsense in just about every way. They get the job done no matter how they need to do it, and they’ve been routinely good throughout most of the season. While Tiffer is in the midst of a weaker spell at the moment, he’s never been in the bottom — therefore, a weaker tattoo from him is still greater than a weaker tattoo from just about anyone else in the competition.

There’s a fairly good reason at the moment to think that Tiffer and Tony could be in the final three. We suggested that in our review for tonight’s episode and it bears repeating now since we truly believe that we are going to be seeing them in the finale. The biggest issue Team Christian has is that there’s not much team unity. There is a ton of in-fighting within the group, and you saw some of that tonight when everyone was fairly blunt to Tim about his tattoo — they didn’t love it and they vocalized that to him pretty clearly. Beyond just that they clashed over the specific mistakes that he made. The preview for episode 13 shows Chris now at the center of some drama and it’s far from the first time we’ve seen that. He doesn’t handle team challenges well because he doesn’t feel like his ideas are being listened to. When that happens, he acts out. This team is likely to cannibalize itself just because Teej is the one person in the group who has been both focused and also consistently solid.

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Who is in the most danger? – Probably Amanda given that she’s been in the bottom for the past few weeks and her tattoos have been missing that something extra to make them sensational. She’s survived some close calls, but that’s only going to work for so long as the overall quality of work gets better near the end of the season. If not Amanda, Tim’s been sliding for a while and we can imagine a scenario where he finds himself getting booted … especially if he chooses the wrong color palette again.

Who’s the favorite right now? – At the moment it’s hard to argue against Teej as the #1 guy. Yet, you can’t rule out Tiffer just because he’s in a bit of a difficult stretch, and Tony is right there too even if nobody is really talking about him. He had a really cool tattoo this week; it didn’t win tattoo of the day, but it wasn’t that far behind.

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