The Rookie episode 4 video: Game of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn guest stars!

The RookieThere’s a good reason to be excited for The Rookie episode 4 on ABC Tuesday night — especially if you love Game of Thrones. After all, we are getting a guest-starring appearance from none other than Kristian Nairn! You probably know this actor more for his role of Hodor, and we definitely think that his appearance here helps to give the show a little more geek cred.

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As for who Nairn is playing, think in terms of a shut-in apartment resident by the name of Wallace. He is strange, closed-off, and not altogether eager to share information with any cop who comes to his sacred door. In the sneak peek below (via TVLine), that includes officers Jackson West and Tim Bradford. Bradford, from what we’ve seen of the series to date, is not the sort of uniform cop who coddles his rookie partners. He forces them into tough, sink-or-swim situations. The rookies are paired with new training officers on Tuesday and Jackson has to come to grips with the idea that Tim is going to make him do some things that he doesn’t want to do, whether that means question persons of interest or possibly even engage in life-or-death situations. It is a great test for him, but one that he may not be ready for despite the fantastic on-the-job history that his family has. Just because you are related to people who are good at their job doesn’t mean that you will be!

In getting back to Nairn for a minute here, let’s just hope that this sets a precedent of memorable actors from other shows coming on board for guest spots, even brief ones. While The Rookie is perhaps more of a serious show than we anticipated it would be coming into the season (especially since the series star in Nathan Fillion is more so known for his goof ball comedy chops), it does still have its moments of comedy. Some of the people these characters encounter can certainly qualify as a good source of that, mostly because it’s hard for John Nolan or any of the other cops to be that hilarious when they are in the process of trying to save lives and stop some bad guys.

What else is coming Tuesday?

The big story worth teasing right now is that John and Lucy Chen are going to be forced to have some important conversations when it comes to their future. While they do care about each other deeply, a relationship like the one that they have is hard to keep going when they have so little power on the job. It’s definitely the sort of thing the superiors will frown upon and Lucy has already been given fair warning about how difficult it’s going to make her life as a female cop once that comes out.

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