NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 7: Is Bar Paly leaving? Anna sentenced

NCIS: Los Angeles

Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 7 did its part to tackle a dangerous case, while also giving us a couple of stories that were a little more personal.

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Let’s start here with Callen and Anna, given that she’s been behind bars for a little while — we love to get Arkady on this show whenever possible, but this was a less-than-ideal circumstance for it. The bad news here is that Anna may be in prison for seven years, pending some sort of enormous twist or turn in the case. That doesn’t give us a whole lot of hope for the character’s future on the show and that’s a pretty tremendous bummer. Bar Paly’s never been a regular, but we’ve always had some moments where we wondered whether or not she could be.

The good news is that technically, Paly’s not leaving the show since she’s not a part of the full-time cast — but unless something changes, it’s hard to imagine her being around too much in the near future.

As for another couple on the series in Deeks and Kensi, the two at least had some wedding discussions early on in the episode! As it turns out, Kensi wants to take part in a more charitable cause when it comes to her wedding dress, and with that, Deeks suddenly feels silly for even suggesting that she goes and spends a ton of money on some sort of “dream” gown to wear on the big day.

The case of the week

The bulk of the episode was focused on the case of an arms dealer who found himself dead and the ensuing investigation that led to quite a few surprises — including one that was rather personal for Sam as it turned out that a prominent serviceman, someone who went off the grid after deploying and developed some dangerous tendencies, ended up being the culprit at the center of it. Sam found himself in a position where she had to put the man down and beyond just that, then had to go and tell the woman who loved him all about it.

One of the more surprising elements of the episode tonight was seeing wrestling legend Bill Goldberg stop by playing who we’d like to describe as almost a Department of Defense fixer — he’s the sort of guy who keeps his missions hush-hush and doesn’t loop people in. Basically, he takes care of situations that the military and the government don’t want getting out. He helped Sam closely on the case, but it turns out that he was motivated by a tragic past. He recognized some of what was going on when it comes to Sam and with that, offered him a chance to work with him someday if he wants. We’re not sure if we ever foresee Sam taking him up on that, but he does at least know that this is an option for him down the line.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 7 delivered a lot of personal hits both for Sam and Callen, but luckily, these guys do have each other to lean on after all of it. They’re going to need that friendship if they want to find a way to recover, especially for Callen’s sake. He and Anna have had a close relationship, but will that actually last behind bars?

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